Wamatangi continues to change lives to Kiharu

By Ndungu Gachane

The house that a family has called home for years.

Kiharu Constituency is one electoral unit that should be proud of having ‘two MPs’ Ndindi Nyoro and KaranjaMburu Wamatangi.

While Mr Nyoro uses the kitty from the National Government, the NGCDF to initiate development projects,  Mr Wamatangi digs deep from his pockets, or pleads for assistance from well wishers to better the lives of the unemployed and people in the lowest cadre, if you like hustlers.

From constructing tanks in schools and in the community to ensure the poor gets safe clean drinking water and saving pupils’ time and energy of carrying jericans to school in bid to get water for sanitation, Engineer Wamatangi has also been replacing shanties and ramshackle where the proletariat call home with modern houses and fully equipping them with household items.

He has done it in different villages in Kiharu Constituency with the latest being Gitui village where a family braved rains and colds as their house had shattered roofs that passed rains.

He also recently dispatched the team of highly qualified masons to build a decent house at Gatheru where a family lived in a old dilapidated house.

Mr Wamatangi a philanthropist who also doubles up as a Board Member for the Lapsset project believes that giving is a gift and encourages his team to embrace the slogan to alleviate poverty and to change lives.

The new house constructed by Karanja Mburu Wamatangi for the family.

“Giving is a gift, nothing is more fulfilling than sharing the little you have with the downtrodden, we do all these things because we believe no one should live in cold, everyone deserves a shelter, water and an enabling environment for education, by doing so we also motivate scholars to work hard and also later in life continue with the spirit of sharing with the less fortunate,” he says.

Engineer Wamatangi hands over the keys to the beneficiary of a new house project.

Mr Wamatangi has been described as a true leader and not a politician despite him vying for Kiharu Parliamentary seat in 2017.

This is because despite losing to the incumbent, he was on the ground the following day commissioning a water tank and laying grounds for other humanitarian projects that he had initiated.

This is contrary to what politicians would do as they would go underground only to resurface during Parliamentary elections.

“He is the best description of a true leader, selfless humble, merciful and kind, thats why we put as Kiharu as two MPs,” Grace Wacera told our political desk.

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George Gathuru
George Gathuru
11 months ago

The hand that gives ….

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