Wamatangi feeds over 7000 KCPE candidates

By Allan Wanjiku

Locals load bags of rice which will be distributed to various public schools in Kiharu

Lapsset Corridor Development Authority Director Karanja Mburu Wamatangi has dispatched over 230 bags of rice to over 165 public Primary schools to be fed by 7000 KCPE candidates.

The feeding program seeks to ensure equity and equality to all pupils who will be sitting for the KCPE in bid to boost self esteem to all regardless of their background.

Wamatangi started the program in 2013 and this has greatly impacted positively on results of all the pupils.

Speaking at Kiangage Primary School when he flagged off over 10 vehicles which will distribute food, Wamatangi said he came up with the idea for the sake of the poor pupils who had nothing to eat during lunch hour.

“The program has brought about equity and equality to all pupils who gets the same lunch regardless of where they come from, the impacts of the feeding program reflects in the performance where Kiharu has continued excelling,” he noted.

Wamatangi talks to pupils of Kiangage Primary Schools as he wished them good luck in their forth coming KCPE exams

Wamatangi now wants the government to adopt his program and accommodate free feeding program in the education program so that government will be providing lunch to all candidates.

“My program has only catered Kiharu Constituency and we have realized its gains, if government could adopt and replicate the program, I believe performance can be realized in our learning institutions,” Wamatangi said.

At the same time, Wamatangi called on the Ministry of Education to deploy counselors in schools to counsel victims of Covid-19 disease as well as pregnant teens.

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its a great story

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