Wanjiru Chege wants BBI re negotiation on Women Representative post at National Assembly

Muranga Women Rep Wanjiru Chege at Kambiti

By Ndungu Gachane

Muranga Women Representative Wanjiru Chege has called for re- negotiations on BBI report recommendations on transferring Women Representative posts to Senate calling for a clear formula to realize gender parity in the National Assembly.

Ms Chege says scrapping the women rep post in the National Assembly will end the gains realized in the National Assembly through the post and the projects undertaken by women Mps through their Affirmative funds in counties.

Speaking at Kambiti Primary School where she joined Safaricom Foundation to donate a 10000 liter tank, Ms Chege a staunch supporter of President Uhuru Kenyatta led government said there should be talks to ensure the gender parity in Parliament as it seeks to enhance the same in Senate.

“Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) has very elaborate proposal on gender rule in Counties where Governors must appoint opposite gender, County Assemblies and now on the Senate but we must have an elaborate proposal at the National Assembly to address the two third gender rule,” she told journalists.

Ms Chege suggested that the proposed 70 seats in Parliament to be reserved for women to ensure that National Assembly also complies with the law.

At the same time, Ms Chege an adherent BBI supporter said the role of enacting legislation to address the gender equality should not be left to the National Assembly since the very same houses have failed in the past to address the issue as required by the 2010 constitution.

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