Wanjiru Chege’s shaky wooden Kiawanduma bridge gives rise to a Sh6 million bridge

By Allan Wanjiku

A makeshift wooden bridge constructed by Muranga Women Representative Wanjiru Chege last year

Some times last a time like this, social media platforms was awash by criticism against Muranga Women Representative Wanjiru Chege after constructing a wooden bridge in Kiawanduma village to connect Kangema and Mathioya Constituencies.

The Women Representative had used her personal donation to construct the makeshift bridge and after the constructions works were over, she posted the it in her Facebook page under the tittle ‘the long wait is over, but netizens rubbished her, trolled her and made fun of her claiming that she had performed below their expectations.

Here was the post “The long wait is over, a new dawn for the residents of Kiawanduma after residents of this village waited for ages for a bridge to across this river to be constructed..”

She receive a huge backlash from social media users who humiliated and told her off saying it was unfortunate that a leader of her caliber could construct such a pathetic bridge and then post it in her social media platform.

What they did not know is that the Women Representative had temporarily solved the needs of over 400 coffee farmers who needed to visit the two Constituencies as she embarked on a serious mission to lobby for a modern bridge a move that has now come to pass.

Ms Chege was back in the village to launch a Sh10 million project that includes a bridge and an all weather road

School going children had to risk their lives by swimming across the river with many of them losing their lives in the process of quenching their thirst for education.

With intense lobbying and with collaboration with Mathioya Mp Peter Kimari, the two leaders on Tuesday were back at the village with good news.

The residents have not only received a Sh6 million bridge but will now get an all-weather road worth Sh4 million.

The Kiawanduma bridge that will be done in two months by the Kenya Rural Roads Authority unites the two constituencies will allow easy passage for farm produce, livestock and pedestrians during rainy season.

 They were forced to travel for about 11 kilometers to join the neighboring Constituencies incurring huge transport costs and wasting their time that they would have used for other gainful activities.

 The Women Representative is now walking with her head held high since her efforts has borne fruits.

‘I was bashed because of the make shift bridge but now through Roads Cs James Macharia, we shall have a permanent bridge. In kikuyu we say, it is good to hold on the thread as you wait for a rope, our rope has finally come,” she added.

On his part Mr Kimari said the bridge will be a major relief to the locals who had risked their lives before.

Mathioya MP Peter Kimari said the project will be a major relief to locals.

“Children from the other villages can now attend school even during rainy days as previously without their parents fearing or being forced to escort them,” he noted

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