We are not aware of Dr Ruto’s visit to fundraise for our Sacco, Mathioya Women Sacco says

By Allan Wanjiku

Ms Abija Wanjiru Mwangi, the chairperson for Mathioya Women Sacco.

The management of Mathioya Women Sacco has distanced itself with the ongoing planning of a women Sacco fundraiser which will be graced by Deputy President William Ruto on Friday.

The management led by it’s chairperson Abija Wanjiru Mwangi cautioned its members that they are not behind the event adding that they will also not be responsible with the accounting and audit queries that may arise in the aftermath of the event.

She said they were astonished to have their name dragged in the circulating postas that Mathioya Women Sacco will be hosting Tanga Tanga leaders led by Deputy President William Ruto.

“We wish to notify our members that the Mathioya meeting is not ours and that they should not later question us about the monies that will be fundraised,” Ms Wanjiru told journalists on Wednesday.

On his part, County Cooperatives Chief Officer Bernard Wanyoike cautioned the planners that it is illegal and punishable by law to conduct a harambee using the name of a Sacco in which one is not a member.

“The management of Mathioya Women Sacco has explained that they are not aware of such plans, we only have one Sacco in Mathioya under Mathioya Women Sacco and we have not heard a splinter group, we therefore warn any person who could be planning to use the name of the Sacco to get money from the political class,” Mr Wanyoike told the press.

He outlined the process of a Sacco planning a fundraiser saying the management invites their members to Special General Meetings or the Annual General Meeting where the proposal is ratified saying any funds under the Sacco is baptized to ensure transparency and to prevent mistrust issues.

At the same time, the Chief Officer cautioned politicians not to use their financial muscles to disrupt Cooperative movement in Muranga saying as a result of some officials being invited to hotels by politicians to be given money, Former Councillors Sacco and the Clergy Sacco have collapsed due to mistrust issues.

“Dr Ruto invited a section of the management of Former Councillors and Clergy Sacco and gave them money which was not later accounted for, what resulted is the collapse of the Saccos, we have also started experiencing sharp difference in musicians Tamco Sacco,” he noted and added that Saccos should never be political.

Bernard Wanyoike the Chief Officer for Cooperative Movement in Muranga

He said before a decision of holding a fundraiser is reached the devolved unit where the cooperative societies falls ought to be aware and the national Cooperative body to ensure the strict adherence of law is followed.

He associated the political interference with the collapse of coffee sector and called upon cooperators to take caution of the political class who strikes where there is unity in bid to divide and rule the Agikuyu community.

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