Why Wakili Edward Muriu wants Ithanga road redesigned and redone

By Ndungu Gachane

Wakili Edward Muriu addresses the mourners at Kaguku B village, he wants Ithanga road redesigned and redone

Poor road design for Gatiiguru- Ithanga- Mithini- Kirimiri-Gakungu road is to blame for the high number of injuries and deaths from road accidents, Philanthropist Wakili Edward Muriu has said.

Wakili, who spoke at Kaguku B village during a burial ceremony of Daniel Ndichu alias Daddy Cool who died of a road accident said cases of road accidents are being reported almost daily accusing the road engineers of a poor structural design.

He noted that were it not for the shoddy design, the young energetic and promising man would not have lost his life.

“Mr Ndichu just like other innocent people have lost their lives through the road accidents in Ithanga, and this is because of poor design, due to the mistakes, we are losing people who are much needed by the society due to their tender age which means energy to the growth of the nation,” Wakili Edward Muriu said.

He vowed to put up a spirited law suit in court to ensure that the family of the late Ndichu is paid by the insurance company while announcing that once elected as Gatanga MP he would moot for a redesigning of the road to curb road accidents.

“As a lawyer, I’m filing a lawsuit to ensure that the bereaved families are paid by insurance so that even if the deceased life will not be brought back, they will get something to take them through the mourning period, I will not charge them even a coin,”

“Once elected as Gatanga MP I will ensure that we have a redesigning of the road so that we reduce the fatalities and injuries as a result of road accidents,” The philanthropist announced.

Wakili Edward Muriu’s narrative is backed by a study dubbed The Safe and Sustainable: a vision and guidance for zero road deaths by World Resources Institute and the World Bank which says that about 1.25 million people are killed and millions others injured in a road accidents every year.

But the report cautions that the number could be significantly lower if the roads were properly designed to prevent or reduce fatalities after human error.

It is for the same reason that Wakili wants the government and the relevant department to follow a safe system approach when constructing roads to curb road accidents.

“We can dramatically reduce and eventually eliminate fatalities emanating from road accidents if we follow a Safe System Approach when coming up with road designs. I will seek for redesigning and redoing the road once I’m elected,” said the lawyer.

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