Is Wairagu heading to Governor Mwangi Wa Iria’s Usawa Kwa Wote?

By Allan Wanjiku

Wa Iria, Wairagu after a long day meetng.
Escorting them is Kamande Wa Kioi and Wa Iria’s PA Mr Kangethe

In politics are there no permanent enemies or friends, archrivals can one day wake up and decide to set aside their differences and work together.

That is exactly what had prevailed upon Governor Mwangi Wa Iria and Water Principal Secretary Irungu Wairagu who were sworn enemies and who happen to come from one village.

Both leaders’ beef started during the 2017 gubernatorial elections when it was believed that Wairagu who served as Under Secretary at the Interior  department at the Office of the President allegedly conspired with former Kigumo Mp Jamleck Kamau in his quest to unseat Wa Iria.

Wa Iria who was fighting to secure his seat accused Wairagu of playing politics and using his office and influence to side with Kamau. Wairagu was on spot for allegedly using the police to intimidate Wa Iria’s supporters.

After the drama, exchange of words that put Muranga as a political hotspot in Kenya’s map, Wa Iria trounced Kamau during the Jubilee party polls and eventually secured his seat during the 2017 elections.

If you think the business was back to normalcy, sit back and read more because at the time, Wairagu landed the job as the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Water and Sanitation. Bear in mind that water is a devolved function.

Coincidentally, one of the major promises Wa Iria had made to the water consumers in Muranga was that he would ensure that water tarrifs are lowered in what was interpreted by many as setting the ground for a vicious battle with water companies.

But Wairagu as the PS swore to protect the water companies and at one time in a letter to the water companies and to the devolved unit, he advised that water tarrifs is the preserve of the water service providers in conjunction with the regulator.

The battle was so loud that it attracted the judicial systems where numerous petitions were filed at the High court of Muranga. The petitions evolved to be criminal charges where Wa Iria’s men were charged with assaulting Muranga Water and Sanitation Company (Muwasco) employees.

The battle became even more vicious when Wairagu developed interests to succeed Wa Iria but Wa Iria could hear none of it. To him a man who is at the helm of Water Ministry and can let Muranga get water other than digging boreholes that has dog’s fur should not be given an elective position.

Things were bad. Wa Iria even rubbished the signature song that Wairagu was fond of whenever he went to launch a borehole project “Kwaura Kwaura mitungi kwaura kwaura) but the crafty Wairagu picked it and made Kwaura Kwaura his political nickname.

I imagine that you are waiting to hear a scenario where the two leaders descended on fists fights but Im sorry, their beef has ended up in a meeting and after the meeting they posted a photo which spoke a thousand words.

Among the attributes of the photo include joy, forgiveness, relaxation, reunion and all thwe kind words that would express friends turned foes and then back to friends.

But it is the timing of their reunion that has left tongues wagging since Wa Iria is eyeing a Presidential seat while his newly found friend is angling to succeed him. But Wa Iria has a pasrty, Usawa Kwa Wote Party.

He is on record that he would support whoever would vie through his party and although it is not clear that Wairagu has made up his mind to join the Usawa Nation, it seems to be written in the walls. But waiting won’t harm right? Time will tell.





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