Mt Kenya is supporting BBI for revenue sharing not for political excitement

By Joshua Githinji

Mount Kenya region is not supporting BBI because of the expanded executive,that is left to those that get excited with titles who happens to be Raila Odinga supporters.

The Mountain and GEMA to be specific is supporting BBI because of ONE MAN, ONE VOTE, ONE SHILLING,anything less means no BBI in the mountain.

Siaya senator James Orengo must stop thinking the Mt.kenya people will move away from this position. If he doesn’t stop his underdealings of fighting the proposed revenue sharing formula, he can as well wake up from dreaming of any vote for Raila from the mountain .

The Mountaineers wants their fair share of the shareable revenue.

A county like Kiambu receives ksh.3000 per person annually in shareable revenue.. while a county like Lamu or Mandera receives ksh.22000 per person annually in shareable revenue. Its people who generate revenue not trees or camels.

This travesty cannot continue for any longer.

If one man one vote one shilling cannot be executed through the Third Generation Revenue Bill, then I don’t see the Mountain Supporting the BBI…

Politics is about interest and nothing else! They can’t have their’s at our expense.

Joshua Githinji is a political commentator based in Muranga County

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