New revenue formula impasse revealed Jubilee wars on new Senate leadership

By Henry Mwangangi

Mr Henry Mwangangi. He delves on the new formula stalemate.

We retired to our beds with the same political circus on Tuesday after watching the drama and theatrics in Senate on revenue formula debate.

The famous third generation revenue sharing formula proposal had received its sixth stab, with all the threats and intimidation from the government.

Let us dodge our minds and ask ourselves the same question we ask ourselves whenever our political arena goes wayward. What happened that we were left more divided than before?

Funny enough the political quarters this time were shocking and hypocritical. The house that had earned respect previously is now a gambling casino, those that had reasoned soberly are now fighting aimlessly and recklessly.

This leaves our fellow esteemed citizens divided over an immense matter that required professionals not our honorable members. We all agree that the architects of our constitution left loopholes in the document, and as a nation, our focus should be in offering long lasting solutions to our generation. As a nation we are on a political tussle and if we are not careful, we will live to regret the choices we made or were made on our behalf.

In simple words there should be a special poignancy in meeting with our conscience from president to the man in the grassroot.

On Tuesday it was bizarre in the extreme, proponents of the bill led by senator Kangata contended that it was not so much the house defeat but they got new friends in senator Kihika and others who had differed in the party politics.

It was deemed inappropriate to open old wounds. On the other hand, Senator Sakaja and his team were celebrating.

The episodes of the bill reminded me of a book written by theologian Harvey cox with the lovely title ”On not leaving it to the snake’ where he notes that human beings have a salutary counter to push blame onto others and this was not different.

All quarters couldn’t come into one mutual understanding but rather chose to accuse each other. Mr Kangata was on record celebrating only to be cut short after the bill flopped.

At the end of the day the message was home. The coded message was very clear that some quarters in Jubilee were not ready to accept the new leadership in the house. This and more are the kind of acts that devastatingly have made me realize that there is an awful depravity to which we all could sink, that we possess an extraordinary capacity to deceit.

Nonetheless there is no room for gloating and arrogant finger pointing.

We have supplied our forefathers who fought for our independence with enough evidence to vindicate all of us. We can do better.

Mr Henry Mwangangi is a former President at Muranga University of Technology and a political analyst hosted in various media houses in Kenya.

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