Wakili Edward Muriu could shake political bigwigs in Muranga

By Joshua Githinji

Joshua Githinji is a political commentator based in Muranga County

Wakili Edward Muriu, is a Muranga leader who will be a surprise candidate for the two senior positions that is either the governorship or the Senatorship.

Wakili Muriu who likes to play his cards close to his chest is a renowned commercial lawyer,famed for taking Safaricom to be listed in the Nairobi stock exchange among many other legal deals with huge impact.

He runs the largest law firm in Kenya MMC ASAFO with offices in Johannesburg, Abidjan,Casablanca, Paris and London. He is also known for his deep pockets having supported many sitting Mps across the county.

The soft spoken man from the populous Gatanga constituency is slowly a daring to the Muranga voter through his community empowerment programs he is initiating within the County

During this hard times of covid-19, he has been active distributing thousands of tonnes to the needy families, holding sensation meetings with boda boda riders on preventive guidelines issued by the government. What have become his biggest project and effective strategy is the empowerment he is giving to dairy farmers through their cooperatives of quality Semens to boost their breeds, s project that will be a game changer in the milk production capacity in the county.

A few of the factors that favour him includes; he is from the voter rich Gatanga constituency which for the last ten years have been treated as an outsider in the county affairs.

Should he marshal support, which he is ably doing of the constituency, will make him a front runner in the 2022 contest for either of the mentioned seats.

He also happens to come from Muranga South, a part of the county which sounds determined to vote in one of their own.

He is a flesh man not known for any scandals thus have very few political enemies.

A great generous farmer, Mr Muriu has a very friendly personality a missing trait in many said to be eying the county seats.

Going by his moves he seems to be a great ground mobilizer and this can be attested from his tv and fm stations interviews where  he comes out as a man endowed with eloquence and clarity of issues affecting the commoners in the County.

Though he may face a stiff competition in the gubernatorial race if he chooses to go for it from the former Kigumo Mp  Jamleck Kamau, Senator Irungu Kangata and Women Representative  Sabina Chege, he might be the surprise man to take over the Muranga County top seat.

If he decides to go for the Senate seat,it will be hard to beat him as his attributes rank him way ahead the rest.

Mr Joshua Mwangi is apolitical analyst based in Muranga.

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