Why Mt Kenya is alone in Revenue sharing debate

By Ndungu Gachane

Mr Kangata says they will re think on BBI should NASA Senators reject revenue formula

Jubilee government must be extra careful when dealing with the Commission on Revenue Allocation’s proposal on Third Generation Revenue Sharing formula as the debate may end up pitting Mt Kenya region against all the other communities in Kenya.

The way this debate is being taken through has been localized to create an impression that only Mt Kenya region is set to benefit and this is the probable reason that has made some Senators whose counties will gain vehemently oppose the proposal.

Interestingly, the Jubilee side led by Senate Chief Whip Irungu Kangata has gone on record saying if the proposal by the CRA will not see the light of the day they will have to abandon handshake.

The statement on its face value resembles a threat and a blackmail and to understand who stands to lose should handshake between Mr Odinga and the President is scuttled, we need to ask ourselves why the President reached out to Mr Odinga for a handshake and why Dr Ruto allied leaders have been removed from powerful committees.

Albeit Obita Dicta, Dr Ruto lieutenants will oppose the proposal even though their region stands to gain for obvious reasons, to settle the old score of being dewhipped from their committees and to show Uhuru Kenyatta led administration that they played a key role when the bravado and camaraderie between them and Dr Ruto existed.

Although the proposal is good news to Nyanza region, which is Mr Odinga’s stronghold, its approval and implementation will affect Coast region which is also a stronghold of Mr Odinga.

Supposing you were Baba, would you let it pass just because it caters for Nyanza interests and not Coast, that would then mean Coast will lack faith with Baba despite their immense support to ODM in 2013 and 2017 Presidential elections.

Politics is about interests, the proposal does not cater holistically for the interest of Mr Odinga and this therefore is the main reason they will oppose it.

The question now begs, should we abandon handshake just because of failing to cater for the interest of your handshake partner? That would be tantamount to throwing the baby with the towel, which is better? Balancing the equation of revenue sharing or going back to the streets during the Covid-19 pandemic and foregoing the unity, peace and an enabling environment to redo our economy?

Should the proposal fail, Dr Ruto will be the biggest gainer while President Uhuru Kenyatta will be the biggest loser since to Dr Ruto allies will join hands with the opposition to block government from passing crucial bills at the National Assembly and the Senate.

It should not get lost to the mind of government that Opposition has already taken crucial committees that they would use to oppose the same government should things go hay wire.

My fear is that what would happen if all communities gang up against Mt Kenya and start perpetuating a narrative that the new formula is crafted to channel resources to already developed region like Mt Kenya.

Could Opposition be fearing that once the CRA formula is passed, Senators from Mt Kenya region will have no business with BBI since their agenda will have seen the light of the day while NASA’s agenda of expanded executive will be a hot air?

Before we boast that we shall object BBI and handshake let us think loud.


Ndungu Gachane is the CEO for KK Online News he is also a political analyst. To contact him send him an email on josephndungugachane@gmail.com

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