A 20 year old Gaturi aspirant narrates political hurdles brought about by his age

By Ndungu Gachane

Mr Kelvin Maina 20, seeking Gaturi Ward MCA

A 20 year old man who is seeking to lead Gaturians after the December 15 by elections has narrated his predicaments brought about by his age.

From being turned away by political parties, enduring humiliation and being treated like a toddler, Kelvin Mwangi Maina soldiers on to lure the electorate to elect him and champion their rights and development demands at the Muranga County Assembly.

The determined and ambitious first year student at the University of Nairobi who have never participated in any election, believes despite his age, he has all what it takes to serve the Gaturi residents vowing to stay put and brace for a battle with titans which has brought together the rich, the old and the well connected.

In an exclusive interview with KK online News, the candidate recounts how one day, he was chased like a stray dog by IEBC officials and was reprimanded with a harsh and an undermining tone to go buy a mask as he was entering a public office.

“Yes I did not have a mask but the officer was not warranted to use a harsh tone on me, I was not treated like an aspirant, when I finally secured a mask and guaranteed an access, they could not figure out how a person of my age wanted to vie, they actually encouraged me to apply for clerical position in the upcoming by election,” Mr Maina recounted promising to endure the storms until the end.

He also narrated how monied rivals laugh at him wondering how a son of a shopkeeper will navigate the vast Ward in search of votes quoting one aspirant he claimed to have advised him that “For you to be elected at Gaturi you need money and I have it in plenty”

According to the candidate, his journey to get a political party was rough as he was turned away by several party officials who dismissed him and disregarded him as a confused political toddler who was a green horn in politics only excited to vie for a seat probably to receive funding.

“I had knocked various political parties including Jubilee party, Democratic Party, Maendelo Chap Chap, Narc Kenya among others, most of the officers dismissed me and told me to go away claiming they would not field a candidate( only to nominate candidates later)  while others laughed at me questioning my financial status, an official of one of the listed parties actually called me and told me to concentrate on studies and to read political books widely to know what is needed before one joins politics,” he said.

But the adamant Maina says the predicaments has only hardened him but not discourage him to continue wooing voters to elect him saying he is happy that he secured a political party; Party of Economic Democracy (PED) and that his entrance in Gaturi politics is changing the mentality of some who believe politics is only a game of the old and the middle aged.

Mr Maina is currently pursuing Economics at the UON but has been at home after the Covid-19 pandemic and after the death of MCA Kiiru Mbembe he decided to venture into politics to try his luck.

“Its time for youth, I will defend youth, women, the old and the underprivileged in our society without fear or favour, I come from a humble ground and I know what needs to be done to uplift their living standards,” he says.

Among others in the race are former MCA Rosemar Wakuthii, Esther Mwihaki among others.

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James mbacha
James mbacha
10 months ago

You got this bro
Soldier on till you make it
With you, I know you will consider the inclusivity of everyone around you whether the young or old
We believe in you and we are together in this.
Let God guide you

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