All Kirinyaga MPs, Senator want Waiguru’s impeachent to be discussed by the whole Senate

Kirinyaga Senator Charles Kibiru. He has led 3 MPs in calling for the impeachment motion to be heard by the whole house

By Josaya Mutugi

All Kirinyaga MPs and Senator Charles Kibiru want the Senate to discuss Governor Ann Waiguru’s impeachment as a whole house and not giving the mandate to a committee.

Senator Kibiru maintains that the whole house is the only sure way of ensuring justice prevails saying the plenary session is the best bet for transparency.

Mr Kibiru explained that the 11- member committee will not serve Kirinyaga residents their interests since the ruling Jubilee party will produce 6 Senators while the Opposition will have 5 saying it will be easier to compromise the 6 who are the majority.

“Plenary is the only sure way of justice and transparency, the decision by the committee will be dealt by the 6 from the majority,” he added.

On his part Kirinyaga Central MP Wambugu Munene said the Senate proceedings on the impeachment must be done on an open manner so that the locals may follow every detail.

Mr Munene Wambugu maintains that the Senate is the best bet for transparency and justice

“The allegations against the governor by the local Assembly are so glaring and concerns over 600000 locals and all what we want is justice,” he said.

Gichugu’s Gichimu Githinji and Mwea’s Kabinga Wa Thayu have cautioned leaders not to drag 2022 politics to the impeachment process.



Mr Gichimu cautioned his peers not to drag 2022 politics in the impeachment process

“Let the case against the governor be heard by the plenary, when the Assembly deliberated on the motion they never mentioned anything about 2022 they looked on the merits and the demerits of the case,” Mr Githinji said.

Mwea Mp Kabinga Wa Thayu. He said Kieleweke Tanga Tanga politics should not play in the impeachment motion against Waiguru

On his part Mr Kabinga said “Let us not bring the Kieleweke Tanga Tanga politics because some of us are neither in those affiliations but we support the President, let the impeachment process be heard and determined fairly without affiliations.”

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