BBI hangovers as Wa Iria, Ndindi Nyoro supporters engaged in fist fight, kicks and blows

By Allan Wanjiku

Two factions belonging to Governor Mwangi Wa Iria and Kiharu Mp Ndindi Nyoro engaged in  cat and mouse games as Nyoro’s group tried to stop protests aimed at discrediting the MP Over his opposition to BBI bill.

As one group which was led by Wa Iria’s aide James Mwangi was about to start the procession from Ihura stadium enroute to Muranga town, pro Nyoro group led by Kiharu CDF staff stormed the stadium and disrupted the boda bodas and tuk tuks that were about to leave the stadium.

Guising as police officers, the MP’s supporters stormed the stadium and took charge descending on their rival group with kicks and blows and directing them to leave the stadium with immediate effect.

Pro Wa Iria supporters abandoned the banners bearing anti Nyoro and Kangata messages and started running for their dear lives to save themselves from the beating and probably arrests from the ‘cops’ who seethed with anger.

Nyoro team comprised of built up men with capes and blazers resembling those won by the police officers a ploy that worked for them as a group of 5 people dismantled about 100 protestors in a record of five minutes.

After taking control of Ihura stadium, the MP’s supporters snatched the banners that bore the message “Kangata and Nyoro are sell outs’ and a member of the team went away with the banner.

Some minutes later, a boda boda team ostensibly from Gaturi where the MP hails from arrived at the stadium to express solidarity with their MP.

The two factions fought as one defended their team

“Nyoro is our MP and we will not let anyone to play or joke around with him, there will be no protests here,” they were heard shouting at Wa Iria’s supporters.

They even boasted how they were enforcing President Kenyatta’s orders on Covid-19 on stopping the meetings and protests saying they were behind the President efforts to combat the spread of Covid-19.

After a successful plan, Wa Iria’s team disembarked leaving Nyoro’s team to bask with the gory of ‘stopping the reggae.

“Wa Iria has been surviving on intimidations and chaos, let it be known that from today henceforth, MP Nyoro will be serving him with his own dose,” the supporters said.

Little did they know that Wa Iria’s team led by James Mwangi and Nominated MCA Habire Chege were devising ways to address the media.

After one hour, Nyoro’s team had dispersed and this provided a fertile ground for reentry at the much coveted stadium but with the help of police officers.

Nyoro’s team reemerged and blocked the gate only to be dispersed by the police officers who provided security for Pro BBI supporters to address the media.

They took advantage of the opportunity, they condemned and rushed out at Nyoro for hiring goons to stop the peaceful demonstrations and giving him a 7 –day ultimatum to apologize.

“If he doesn’t, we shall mobilize people to go and close his offices located in Muranga town, he can’t be hiring goons to stop peaceful meetings,” Mwangi said.

They also sang anti Kangata and Nyoro songs and burnt their portraits for their opposition of the BBI bill.

“They did not represent the majority as they opposed the bill, we want a new constituency and an increased revenue allocation,” Habire added.

Gaturi MCA Esther Mwihaki condemned the violence urging leaders not to use youth to settle their political scores.

“In the process of proving political muscles, youth may be injured or even lose lives, let us allow divergent opinions and even respect the right of Kangata and Nyoro to oppose the BBI bill, it said that although youths are fighting for these leaders, they are nowhere to be seen at the scene,” she added.

She said it was unfortunate for those behind the Constitutional amendments to be seemed as if they want to frustrate the same constitution which gives leaders freedom of speech association and political affiliation.

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