Beware of land fraudsters in Prime Land in Kabati

By Ndungu Gachane


Mr George Kuria the bonafide chairperson of Samuru Gituto Cooperative Society. He has cautioned Kenyans from being duped to buy share certificates of their land located opposite Thika Greens

If you have bought a share certificate to own a prime land located just opposite Thika Greens which is known as Samuru-Gituto Cooperative society, just know that you have been conned by land fraudsters.

The Management of the land which is owned by grannies and grandpas have cautioned the unsuspecting Kenyans that it has come to their attention that there are unscrupulous people who have been purporting to be the genuine leaders of the Cooperative society and have been selling share certificates to unsuspecting Kenyans from between Sh50000 to Sh150000.

The leaders led by the bonafide chairperson George Kuria has invited the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to launch probe and apprehend the suspects who have been conning innocent Kenyans.

Mr Kuria said they are not selling the share certificates as the 310 acres of land has genuine share holders urging the potential victims to consult widely and visit their offices in Kenol to get more details about the land which is only 7 kilometers from Thika and 3 kilometers from Kabati off Kandara road.

“We invite the officers from Directorate of Criminal Investigations to launch probe and man haunt of the fraudsters. All those who have allegedly bought shares should forthwith record statements at the DCI since the so called certificates have not originated from us,” Mr Kuria said.

The Cooperative group is led by George Kuria as the chairperson, Phillip Wanyoike, John Njuguna  and Evans Kagwi as the Vice chairperson, Honorary  Secretary and the Treasurer respectively.

The elections were held on March last year at Ihura stadium after 15 years of litigations in courts.

The 310 acres of land had been sold illegally without the knowledge and consent of the members in what the court of appeal described as greed and injustice to poor Kenyans who sacrificed luxurious life for the sake of their future generation.

In a judgment delivered by court of appeal judges P. N. Waki, K. Musinga and J. Otieno Odek, the court issued reservatory and conservatory orders restraining the respondents from entering in any dealings including the sub-division and sale of the 301 acres in the strength of orders issued by the lower courts.

“Orders have been issued restraining  the 14th, 15th and 16th Respondents and or any other person from entering into any dealings affecting the Appellants’ proprietary interests in L.R 10743 THIKA measuring 301 acres, or any sub-division thereof, for the purposes of any transaction sale, charge or otherwise on the strength of the Orders made by HON KARUIKI, RM on 20th and 29th August, and Hon. L. WACHIRA (MRS) SRM on 9th December, 2008 in Chief Magistrates Court Thika in Civil Suit No. 792 of 2006 – SAMURU GITUTO,” the judgment read in part.

The judges harshly described the faction group and their lawyers saying “…This is yet another conundrum precipitated by persons masquerading as leaders of Co-operative Societies and land-buying companies, in the process causing considerable pain and hardship to humble and poor wananchi, whose only sin was to get together and pool their meager resources to buy and share land. Invariably, the motivating factor for the leadership squabbles is the greed for power and influence, or simply put, corruption. Sadly, in this unholy mix are lawyers who are expected to assist the parties and shed light on the law but instead end up complicating matters even further.

The Cooperative group has close to 5000 members who started buying the shares of the land in 1965 at Sh20.

Mr Kuria and his group addressed the press on Wednesday at Kenol town when they donated food stuffs to their members who have been adversely affected by the Covid-19, pandemic.


A granny receives food items from Mr George Kuria of Samuru Gituto Cooperative group.

He said the management was moved after learning that there was a group of people who slept hungry and decided to sacrifice their wealth to fees their members.


A Granny receives food donation.

“Each member goes home with 10 kilograms of food and an additional Sh500 to buy for other food items, we call on other well wishers to continue donating to the privileged members of the society,” Mr Njuguna said.

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