Chiefs Greed That Led Tropostponement Of Sabina’s Food Distribution Drive

By Simon Kahara

Muranga Women Representative Sabina Chege’s food distribution drive had to be postponed for three times for the chiefs and assistant chiefs’ greed, deception and self-centrism.

The distribution had been set to be launched on May 6, May but the office of the Women Representative had doubts with the lists provided by the administrators and decided to authenticate to establish whether people selected were genuine vulnerable or not.

Since the list had the names, phone numbers and their ID numbers, the staff of Ms Chege called several of the numbers given and that’s how they confirmed their worst fears.

Sources from the office of the Women Representative indicate that some of the names given by the chiefs belonged to their wives, children and relatives as well as their concubines.

They had also given fake names and fake phone numbers who were called and denied being in need of relief food since some of them were government officials and accomplished business people.



“It was so much embarrassing to find out that the list was fake and that some of the administrators chose to enlist their wives children and relatives into the list of the vulnerable,” a source told KK online News.

Following the due diligence by the ‘Team Maitu’s team and the instructions of the Women Representative, they had to do away with the list and come up with a new one that comprised of the disadvantaged members of the society who include orphans, vulnerable families and people living with disabilities.

The food donation which is a brainchild of Ms Chege has been sourced from Sabina Chege Foundation, her friends and corporates.

Her office is using University groups, churches and other established groups to reach to the poor and to ensure that only the hungry and deserving get food.

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