Details of Mudavadi, Muranga MCAs meeting

By Ndungu Gachane

Muranga MCAs pose for a photo after meeting Musalia Mudavadi

Details have emerged of a meeting between Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi and a section of Muranga MCAs.

The delegation was led to Mr Mudavadi by Jubilee Party chairperson Muranga branch Mr Simon Gikuru Kamau to discuss the Mudavadi’s Presidency and his entry to Mt Kenya region.

The following are the MCAs who attended the meeting; Danson Muturi (Mbiri), Kiiru Mbembe (Gaturi) Jane Muigai (Nominated) Flasiah Nduta (Nominated) Catherine Wanjiku (Nominated) Joel Karigi (Gatanga) Ibrahim Ngundo (Muguru) Milka Ngare (Nominated)David Macharia (Kambiti) and a resident Karismatic Karihe

According to Mr Kamau, the meeting was purely on succession politics with Mr Mudavadi taking the opportunity to endear himself to the delegation on why is the best suited Presidential candidate to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta and seeking the status of the ‘ground’ in Mt Kenya.

Mr Mudavadi talks to Muranga MCAs

“He explained to us his political journey and why is the best person to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta, he shared his experience and contributions in former government and we were taken aback by his experience,

” In fact he is the most experienced politician having served as the Minister for Finance, Minister for Local Government, Vice President and the Vice President,” Mr Kamau told

He added that Mr Mudavadi shared with them how he was able to turn around economy which had huge financial debts and re- negotiated with the lending partners and likened today’s situation where the economy is performing dismally due to Covid-19 and the huge debts for development projects.

MCAs who attended the event told Kk Online News that Mr Mudavadi added that he is the best person comparing with Deputy President and Opposition Chief Raila Odinga to succeed the President.

Mr Mudavadi shared his political experience with MCAs and why is the the best bet for Presidency

“He told us how both Dr Ruto and Mr Odinga have scores to settle but how he has no political grudge with either faction,” an MCA who sought anonymity said.

According to the MCA the political show is yet to come adding that the meeting brought one thing very clear, that Mr Mudavadi has the blessings of powerful people in government and that both Ruto and Raila may end up joining political camps.

“Mr Mudavadi kept on answering calls from very influential people in government and tycoons from Mt Kenya region and his people intimated to us that Raila and Ruto may join forces at the end but they will not clinch the Presidency.

Mr Gikuru with Mr Mudavadi. Mr Gikuru led the delegation

” The deal is set and sealed, Mudavadi will pick Mr Peter Kenneth from Mt Kenya and they will clinch either the Presidency or a powerful Prime Minister,” the MCA said in confidence.

According to the game plan, the President could also be in the mix but may not endorse or accompany Mr Mudavadi directly at the region but may have his hand and blessings in Mudavadi’s political manoeuvres .

“Mr Odinga’s candidature can never take shape in the region, he may be frustrated and end up joining Ruto but without Mt Kenya’s support, the two can’t ascend to Presidency,” we were told.

After the meeting Mr Mudavadi did not divulge the details but only said they had a ‘productive discussion’ with MCAs.

“A Group of Elected and Nominated Members of the Murang’a County Assembly led by the Jubilee branch Chairman for the County Hon. Symon Gikuru Kamau paid me a courtesy call. We had a productive discussion where they pledged to work together on matters of succession politics and national development,” he wrote on his social media platforms.

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