Dr Judy Makira joins a league of progressive women leaders in Muranga

By Joy Macharia

Muranga Municipality Vice Chairperson Judy Makira has joined a league of progressive women leaders in Muranga thanks to her efforts of uplifting the living standards of the disadvantaged locals.
Dr Makira has been in the forefront in championing, lobbying and advocating for women, girls and youth empowerment in Kiharu.

Dr Judy Makira joins the league of progressive leaders

Due to her activities, Dr Makira has joined the league of formidable women leaders committed to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development goals and to the peace and security projects in her county.

The University of Embu lecturer has been engaged in economic empowerment in the society through her one goat one home project where she has been donating dairy goats to the less fortunate.

She has also been crisscrossing the vast Kiharu Constituency to mentor teenagers and donate sanitary towels and inner wears in a bid to keep girls in schools and also planning for football tournaments to eradicate social vices amongst the youth.

In 2018, Dr Makira organized a successful mega Talent Search event in Kahuro that saw the crowning of Mr and Ms Kahuro attended top government officials and dignitaries.
Her main agenda includes education, economic empowerment for youth and women and the fight against drug abuse.

Dr Judy Makira donates food to the less fortunate

Through her philanthropic deeds, she has become incredible role models for her county women and girls and men and boys too, and serve as an inspiration across region, country and generations.

Throughout her life, Makira has demonstrated skills in leadership and governance, diplomacy, social norm change and political game changing for the gender equality and women’s empowerment.

In a male dominated political arena, Makira has vowed to fight it amongst men to become the next Kiharu MP. Notably, the Constituency has never produced a woman MP leave alone a women candidate.

She vows to adhere to the saying that goes ‘Women may have to work twice or three times as hard as men to achieve the same recognition, but if this is what it takes for us to be successful, then let us work that hard. We are more than capable’ to become the next MP

From her stance and area of influence, she has shown that when a woman’s voice is heard, when she participates in decision making and when she exercises leadership, she most likely brings something unique, special and of high value and quality to key decisions and its impact on humankind’s biggest projects.

Dr Judy Makira with her team

An alumni of Kahuhia Girls High School, Dr Makira studied Masters in Education, Phd in English language at Kenyatta University. She also studied Diploma in ICT in education at Aharon Ofri international Training and also has a Bachelor of Education in Linguistics at Nairobi University.

A firm believer of Rosalynn Carter’s quote that a leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.” Makira joins the likes of great county women leaders like Wanjiru Chege, Alice Wahome who are all elected.

This means that although Dr Makira is not elected, her dominance in grassroots can only be equated with the elected leaders.

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