Former PS Irungu Nyakera, he says he was fired for his excellent performance
Former Principal Secretary at the Ministry of Devolution Planning and the ASALs areas Irungu Nyakera has opened up on the reasons to his exit from the lucrative government position.
The unapologetic former PS says he was not reappointed to President Uhuru Kenyatta led administration due to his excellent, notable and stellar performance of a 100 per cent warning those holding government positions that ‘performance is not a good thing when in government’.
He says he had been warned by a certain CS for over performing and outshining some government officers.
Mr Nyakera also notes that the fact that he had come from nowhere lack of a godfather and failing to conceal his zeal in politics and political intentions also cost him his job.
“The actual fact is that my stellar performance was 100% the reason for my not being re-appointed. Actually, performance is not a good thing when in government. Had I then read “48 Laws Of Power by Robert Green”, I would certainly have been re-appointed. I made huge mistakes – I tried to overperform – a certain CS cautioned me, a little too late, and told me there is no superstar in government; I trusted some people too much; I outshone people; I said more than necessary; I undertook to appear perfect; I was young and came from nowhere and didn’t look for a godfather; and worst of them all,  I did not conceal my political intentions,” the former PS says.
He however adds that he has no scores to settle with government since the President honoured him by appointing to work in his administration but reiterates that it is not wise for Kenyans to keep quite while their voices including his can build a better Kenya.
” I don’t criticize government to settle scores – actually I have no scores to settle as I was truly honored to have been appointed to serve by the President. But if we all keep quiet when our voices can help build a better Kenya, we will be remembered as honorless men and women by posterity. We will have failed. As such, I will always raise my voice, but always respectfully,” Mr Nyakera says.
For those who may not know the going turk, he is a product of Starehe Boys proceeded to Stanford University and held several positions and has continued to serve in different capacities even after his exit from government.
Before serving in the Devolution docket, the Muranga son served as the PS in Transport and Infrastructure docket.
He has also served as the Managing Director at the Equity Bank in the Investment wing.
But his star continues to rise, akin to the saying that goes, when one door closes, many others open, Mr Nyakera is now working I’m different capacities.
He is the current chairperson for Political Parties Liaison Committee and a Deputy Party Leader of Democratic Party of Kenya as well as a key activist in the tea sector and his continued push for better renumeration for tea farmers and dictatorial leadership by Kenya Tea Development Agency has seen Ministry of Agriculture come up with a radical surgery and regulations in the sector.
Mr Nyakera also leaders a foundation: Irungu Nyakera foundation that has been involved in activities geared in improving the livelihoods of Kenyans and giving hope to people who come from poverty stricken areas as well as encouraging students to work hard I’m schools.

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