Forget about sideshows, its about Wa Iria, Macharia Vs Kenneth, Wairagu

By Ndungu Gachane

Ps Irungu Wairagu touted to seek governorship for Muranga County

You have been taken aback by news about Governor Mwangi Wa Iria and his political foe Ps Irungu Wairagu for quite some time now, and the entry of Peter Kenneth in Wairagu’s faction has left many confused on the political happenings in Muranga and to an extent Mt Kenya region.

Our analysis reveal that aside from political theatrics being occasioned by the members of the two factions, it is about two main issues, Muranga and Mt Kenya succession politics.

While Governor Wa Iria has repeatedly said that upon the expiry of his term, he will be joining national politics and vie for Presidency all in the name of seeking entry to the bargaining table for future government, he has maintained that he will determine who to become a governor in Muranga.

He has also hinted that he shall support a gubernatorial aspirant from Muranga South and going by his supporters lately, his choice could be one Cs James Macharia from Kigumo.

“Muranga North has produced both the governor and the Senator for two terms, it is also wise that we now return a hand to Muranga South to produce the governor at least to ensure power balance,” Wa Iria maintains.

Cs James Macharia has been receiving support from governor Wa Iria supporters want him to seek Muranga Governorship

Both Wa Iria and Wairagu hail from Mugoiri village of Kiharu Muranga North, where the current and former Senators Irungu Kangata and Kembi Gitura come from, Muranga town and Wangu Ward respectively.


Wa Iria maintains the governor must come from Muranga South

The Cs is yet to announce his bid but already some political pundits opine that he not only have financial muscles to take other aspirants head on, but his development track record could work for him in Muranga.

Water PS Joseph Irungu Wairagu who now wants to be fondly referred to as Wairagu Wa Maai and keeps reminding people that ‘Whenever you go home, kindly and humbly ensure you take the greetings from Wairagu Wa Maai,’ is also touted to seek for the County’s top job.

Without mentioning it perhaps not to offend the President’s decree that no Cs or Ps should play politics, he has let the local leaders and the guests at his function do the dirty work as he smiles and fidgets in his revolving chair always taken at the venue of his events.

He has been so far endorsed by CAS for education Zack Kinuthia, 2-3 Muranga MCAs and most interestingly former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth.

The entry of Mr Kenneth in Wairagu’s events left some wondering the political arithmetic but our political desk can reveal that Mr Wairagu could have realized that Wa Iria (who is seeking to control Mt Kenya politics) is endorsing Cs Macharia and in return sought the help of Mr Kenneth who is the potential rival of Mr Wa Iria for regional politics.

Mr Kenneth while addressing the residents of Mabae village where he was the chief guest at Ps Wairagu’s function said he was ready to unite Mt Kenya so that the region may be in the bargaining table come 2022.

“I’m ready to help the President achieve his agenda for the next two years, I shall unite the region to ensure we restore political order,” Mr Kenneth said in a statement deemed as from a man who want to take the mantle from the President upon the expiry of his term.

This means that daggers have been drawn in a political duel pitting two major political camps Wa Iria and Macharia Versus Wairagu Versus Peter Kenneth.

Mr Peter Kenneth says he is ready to unite Mt Kenya region.

This can be justified by the fact that Mr Wa Iria’s team has been holding pressers in support of Cs Macharia especially when he stared the failed impeachment motion from Nyali Mp Mohammed Ali while at the same time rubbishing and trashing Mr Kenneth’s bid to unite the region describing him as a political reject.

Mr Wairagu supporters have been all over social media defending Mr Kenneth especially Athi Water Director Bettie Maina who claimed that comparing Wa Iria and Mr Kenneth was an abuse to Mr Kenneth adding he (Wa Iria) could take a 100 years to achieve what has been achieved by Mr Kenneth.

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