Friends turned foes, Ndindi Nyoro likely to face off with his political mentor Irungu Kangata in 2022

BY Ndungu Gachane

Mps Ndindi Nyoro and Alice Wahome with Senator Irungu Kangata early this year when the Senator led lawyers to defend Mr Nyoro when he was arrested by a GSU officers maliciously

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro, a one-time subordinate of Senator Irungu Kangata is likely to face off with Mr Kangata in 2022 gubernatorial elections.

Mr Nyoro served as the National Government Constituency Development Fubnd chairperson under the patronage of Mr Kangata who served as Kiharu MP between 2013-2017 and successfully succeeded him in 2017 general election when he dared to oust former Senator Kembi Gitura.

And perhaps due to his popularity for going against the grains, Mr Nyoro is touted to seek for gubernatorial post to face off with his political mentor Mr Kangata.

Although he has not officially announced, all indications including insiders at his camp have hinted that the Tanga Tanga adherent will seek to vie for the governor a seat that will be left vacant after Governor Mwangi Wa Iria exhausts his two terms as enshrined in the Constitution.

Political pundits have it that Mr Nyoro has teamed up with Kandara MP Alice Wahome for a political line up which will see Ms Wahome seek the Senatorial position as a formula for Deputy President William Ruto’s political strategy to control Muranga politics.

The two has been crisscrossing in Muranga County together the latest meeting being at Nyakahura in Kangema where they represented Dr Ruto to convey a message of condolence and contributed Sh300000 which they had been sent by the Deputy President.

Recently, the two toured Kandara to inspect development projects while their Kieleweke counterparts joined President Uhuru Kenyatta in what they later described as a Kangaroo meeting.

Mr Nyoro and Mr Kangata have remained best of political friends and this was attested during their campaigns where the duo conducted joint campaigns and when Mr Nyoro was dramatically arrested and aligned at Muranga law courts when Mr Kangata led a battalion of lawyers to defend his friend only to find that the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) had not preferred any charges against the first time MP.

They have been displayed camaraderie and razzmatazz in their political life with their camps attending either of the leaders’ meetings until recently when the MP openly criticized the Senator for the third generation revenue sharing formula while his political camp started castigating the Senator through their social media posts accusing Mr Kangata of failing in his work as the Senate Chief Whip.

One of the notable posts belongs to Kiharu CDF manager populary known as Peter Wa Gikandu who wrote.

“Muranga Covid-19 fund was used for landscaping and still Kangata is quite on this. He should do his part and leave others perform their duties.. He should not try to hide on others leaders’ efforts, we all know the work of a Senator is not projects but oversight..” one of the posts read in relation to Mr Kangata’s visit to launch a construction of a water project in Mathioya.

Mr Nyoro too has used a podium where Mr Kangata is present to laugh off his ability as the Chief Whip wondering why he never marshaled enough numbers for the third generation formula while they were able to join hands with Opposition to oust Dr Ruto allied leaders in Senate and in the National Assembly.

Mr Kangata, known to be friendly and peaceful is not on record in responding to the accusations probably because of his political background.

When he vied for Township Municipality Ward during the defunct Muranga Municipal Council, he ousted his friend Mr Machigo Karina and when he decided to vie for MP, he ousted Mr Ngenye Kariuki, his long-time friend and mentor and In 2017, he ousted Kembi Gitura who he referred to his senior in both law and politics.

During the 2017 campaigns, he fired his campaigner for heckling Mr Kembi at Kangema and reprimanded him saying he does not support or subscribe to such politics.

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