Gachoki Gitari, Wangui Ngirichi wants the Senate to respect the will of Kirinyaga locals

By Josaya Mutugi

Former Kirinyaga Central MP Gachoki Gitari. He has urged the Senate to respect God’s will which is Kirinyaga People’s will of removing governor Ann Waiguru from office

The impeachment motion against Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru has continued to elicit mixed reactions both at the County and at the National level.

Former Kirinyaga Central MP Gachoki Gitari and Women Representative Wangui Ngirichi have separately called on the Senate to respect the will and the decision of Kirinyaga residents through the local Assembly.

According to Mr Gitari, its God’s decision for Ms Waiguru to be ousted from the governor’s office and that the Senate has no alternative than obeying the Lord’s voice.

“People voice is God’s voice, the locals led by the Assembly have spoken, residents too spoke when they held demos in Kirinyaga, the Senate has no other obligation than following the Lord’s voice,” Mr Gitari said. i

He added that Waiguru’s impeachment has laid bare the facts that she has no influence in Kirinyaga County and the local Assembly.

“If a governor can only influence three MCAs in the Assembly she needs to call herself a meeting and ask herself several questions.

He at the same time thanked the Assembly for playing their oversight roles without fear or favour.

He pushed for the Senate to discuss the impeachment as full house just as they did during former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

“Just as they did to Mr Waititu’s case, let them discuss the matter as a full house.

He said he was hopeful that the Senate will vote to impeach the governor who is facing serious allegations on graft and undermining the Assembly.

On her part, the firebrand Ngirichi told Opposition chief Raila Odinga to stop meddling in Kirinyaga affairs saying so would bring to naught his political achievements which include the fight for democracy among others.

Ms Ngirichi. She said the impeachment must be discussed by the whole house

“We respect Odinga but he should never meddle with Kirinyaga matters to hide the corruption in our county. He must know that Capital Hill will not be the capital corruption of this country. Everybody who steal public funds are sanitized in his office, we shall close the office when the time comes,” she added.

She told Odinga to refuse to be used to misuse public funds.


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