Gatanga, Maragua locals want Wamatangi to vie for Muranga Senate seat

By Allan Wanjiku

Kiharu politician and philanthropist Karanja Mburu Wamatangi. Locals from Gatanga and Maragua want him to vie for Senatorial position.
A delegation from Gatanga and Maragua Constituencies want philanthropist and Kiharu politician Karanja Mburu Wamatangi  to vie for Senatorial seat in 2022 owing to his good gesture of helping the poor even without holding an elective position.
The delegation avers that there will be major political realignment in 2022 and that the current Senator may chose to vie for the governor position  saying should their line of thought becomes a reality, Mr Wamatangi should vie for the Senate seat to allow him continue with his philanthropy as well as oversighting the County Government owing to his transparency in handling funds from Can Do Kids International (an NGO) to implement various development projects in Kiharu.
Led by Mr John Mburu, a resident from Gathera village, Maragua, Mr Wamatangi continued to help the needy and the community even after failing to clinch Kiharu parliamentary seat in 2017 acts which they argue motivates them to convince the philanthropist to seek for Senatorial seat.
“He is a leader, he is not a politician, after failing to clinch the Parliamentary seat in Kiharu, Mr Wamatangi has continued to uplift the living standards of Kiharu people and we feel the only way his acts of mercy may reach to us, is by him seeking the Senatorial seat so that as he gets the salary from the National government, his philanthropy may be extended to the seven constituencies.
The locals say the Senate position will increase his chances to lobby for more development projects adding that they are alive to the fact that, Mr Wamatangi currently may not be able to reach to the whole county.
“He is lobbying for various development projects and he is not in any political office, supposing he seeks for a Senate seat, he would get more and more chances for the whole county,” Ms Ann Wambui added.
They said Mr Wamatangi who described as a development conscious leader should not be left for the people of Kiharu alone but should be ‘shared’ NY the whole County.
By now, 36 tanks have been constructed in Murarandia, Mbiri, Gaturi and Wangu Wards and four other tanks are under construction with an aim of covering the entire constituency.
The tanks size is 300000 liters with each approximately costing Sh1.5 million.
Most of the tanks are constructed in various schools to ensure that pupils do not carry water from home and to give them ample time for studying.
However, Mr Wamatangi told that it was early for Muranga people to start a debate on 2022 succession game plan as it was time for leaders to work.
“If we continue politicking and failing to give our elected leaders to work, I can tell you that by 2022, we shall not have any tangible development project, as for who to vie what political position that is a debate that will be discussed at the best opportune time, we shall cross the bridge when we reach there,” he said.

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