Government want to establish a pro system in church leadership and Judiciary – Muranga ACK clergy

Muranga ACK Director for Communication Kenneth Maina (Right) with ACK Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby in a past function. Mr Maina alleges a plot by government to establish a pro system leaders.

By Ndungu Gachane

Muranga ACK Director for Stewardship at St James Cathedral and a seminarian has raised concerns that the country is turning to a one party state and wants the once vibrant NCCK to wake from slumber land.

The clergy, Mr Kenneth Maina who works at Muranga Bishop’s office in charge of Communication and Diaspora affairs has said the country is heading to a wrong trajectory and likened the Jubilee purge in leadership positions at KICC last week as a Jubilee slaughter house.

“There is a road being cleared, we are slowly turning into into a one party dictatorship,” Mr Maina told

He claimed that there was a plot by Jubilee government to invade the Judiciary arm of government, IEBC, and the church to get a Chief Justice, IEBC chair, and church leaders who are pro- system urging the church and the lobby groups to rise up and say no to suppression by the State.

“The CJ is retiring this year a pro establishment CJ is being prepared, the IEBC will be next, the church will be re-opened with conditions and hours will be regulated.

” The Anglican church must arise to the occasion, the moribund NCCK must wake up from slubber land in the spirit of Mutava Musyimi and co, the Civil Society, Judges, priests and Bishops must take it upon themselves to speak our for the helpless, hapless, downtrodden Wanjiku,” he said.

Mr Maina urges the church and lobby groups to wake up and say no to suppression by the State

He claimed that there was a plot by government to control the church by issuing strict conditions before their re-opening to ensure there were no harambees, Communion and barring politicians who could challenge the State.

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