Governor Wa Iria to face off with MP Nyoro in Gaturi Ward by elections

By Ndungu Gachane

Esther Mwihaki and Ms Rosemary Wakuthii, they are the front runners in Gaturi Ward by elections.

The demise of Gaturi Ward MCA Kiiru Mbembe will see Muranga Governor Mwangi Wa Iria face off with Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro in what is expected to be a biggest  battle for titans in Muranga politics.

The governor’s Civic Renewal Party (CRP) will field a candidate in what will be the litmus test on how likeable his political party is while on the other hand the MP must participate fully on who will be his village MCA for the next one and half years.

Mr Nyoro must also prove to his preferred Presidential candidate, William Ruto that he has a say in his home turf given that governor Wa Iria has his eyes set for Presidency pitting him against Dr Ruto.

Wa Iria’s win in Gaturi will be a major boost to his political party which has been highly publicized by his lieutenants while Dr Ruto through Mr Nyoro must slam Wa Iria’s journey for popularity because allowing the newly registered political party get an MCA will give Mr Iria a huge political mileage in Mt Kenya.

The politics will be marred with controversy and hard hitting statements from Wa Iria and Ruto camps given that the two leaders have a bone to pick with following the ugly scenes that happened at Kandara on February when Dr Ruto’s security detail assaulted Wa Iria’s supporters when they stormed a meeting after leaders accused the governor of introducing unfavourable by laws on avocado production.

The deceased Kiiru Mbembe was a harsh critic of Governor Wa Iria led administration and this led to his ouster from from Finance and Economic Planning Committees.

He defeated, as an independent candidate, one of the most ardent supporter of Governor Wa Iria in the last Assembly Ms Rosemary Wakuthii who did not shy away from slapping  her colleague who talked ill about the County boss.

Ms Wakuthii carried the Jubilee party flag but the deceased emerged the best having garnered 5000 votes while she became second with 4800 votes while a new entrant Ms Esther Mwihaki garnered 4400 votes.

This now means that the do or die contest lies between the two iron ladies ie Ms Mwihaki and Ms Wakuthii.

Although Ms Wakuthii enjoys rapport with MP Nyoro, Ms Mwihaki works at the Kiharu National Constituency Development Fund (NGCDF) and this leaves Mr Nyoro with no option other than supporting her against Wa Iria’s candidate.

However another candidate who can’t be underestimated is Mr Jimmy Kagoni, a former Nominated MCA and a friend to Mr Nyoro and Senator Irungu Kangata.

Mr Kagoni was touted as a front runner in Gaturi during the 2017 elections but he is said to have frustrated his supporters when he ignored their calls by positioning himself to get the Deputy Governor post for Jamleck Kamau’s to be administration only for the candidate to be floured by Wa Iria.

Mr Kagoni and Ms Mwihaki could be the biggest point of departure in the troubled Jubilee party which has two conflicting factions pitting Dr Ruto against President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mr Kagoni though a friend of Mr Nyoro is a harsh critic of Dr Ruto and this may position him as the preferred candidate for Kieleweke while Ms Mwihaki could be Tanga Tanga’s choice.

Ms Mwihaki has confirmed to our political desk that she will be vying for the seat exuding confidence that she will succeed the deceased.

“He was my friend and I conceded and wished him well after his election, we have been working together to better our Ward and I’m confident that  the electorate will consider me to take the leadership mantle from where he left,” she said.

Ms Mwihaki also confirmed that she has received emissaries from both the CRP and from her colleagues who work at CDF under the patronage of MP Nyoro but said she will consult widely on the best course of action after giving the deceased his last respects.

“Yes I have been contacted but since we are mourning. I will consult my secretariat, friends and family on the best way forward,” she said.

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