How Antony Chege’s league overcomed hurdles by dark forces

By Joy Macharia

Maragua politician Antony Chege when he presided over Kambiti finals in Kariaini.

A football tournament organized by philanthropist Antony Chege has ended up well overcoming obstacles and dark forces orchestrated by his rivals.

When ‘those opposed’ to development and especially the promotion of talents realized   that Chege alias ‘Chege niarenda’ had started the league, they tried to use their influence to block the sports activities.

And when it proved futile, Chege’s rivals  tried to start their own league but all was in vain, the footballers refused to participate in the tournament and this shuttered their mission to tame Chege’s ambitions to promote talents.

Spectators and participants of Kambiti finals organized by Antony Chege

By God’s will, the finals of the tournament took place at Kariaini playground in Kambiti where Maranjau football team and Stima club faced each other in a well-attended event.

In colorful event where Chege presided, lots of gifts which included trophy and footballs were gifted the participants while those with talents got an opportunity to showcase what God has gifted them.

“We refused to be diverted to sideshows and myopic political competition and stuck with Antony Chege’s tournament which is well organized and has involved all the local stakeholders in games industry, others are joyriders who have no agenda in sports and youth” Daniel Kamande a footballers said.

Chege who is among the front runners in Maragua parliamentary seat in next year’s polls said top in his agenda is promoting talents and sports amongst the youth who have been forgotten by the current and former regimes.

“I have engaged the youth and I know they have been neglected by the regimes we have ever had in this Constituency, there are no stadiums, no promotion of talents or an economic project uplifting the lives of the youth,” Chege noted.

But there is an array of hope since Chege, a youthful leader has been establishing projects aimed at supporting the youth. The projects include the tournament and digital literacy program that has been the solace to the youth who complete their O level studies.

During the 2017 Parliamentary elections, Chege emerged second  after facing the incumbent Mary Waithira Wamaua who was serving as a nominated MCA after she unsuccessfully vied for the women Re post in 2013.

Wamaua used her nomination as n entry point to Maragua politics and this was a major boost to her election.

Chege defeated the two term MPs Peter Kamande Wambuku and   Elias Mbau in a move that surprised many political bigwigs and the political circles.

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