How Wairagu earned the tittle for official punching bag for Muranga

By Kibugi Kibugi

A cartoon for Wairagu

Three years after he was appointed as PS in the Ministry of Water Sanitation and Irrigation, Iungu Wairagu has initiated hundreds of water projects in Muranga.

His actions however have received both applauds and criticism and with politics being a game of interests, a section of leaders have been rattled by his moves

They include Governor Wa Iria, Sabina Chege and Jamleck Kamau who have been attacking the PS commonly known as Wairagu Wa Maaî

But some other leaders have welcomed the projects and hailed Wairagu for the projects which seeks to relieve Muranganians

This is how they have been attacking Wairagu.

Governor Mwangi Wa Iria

Immediately after his appointment, Wairagu embarked on implementation of the Murang’a Water Master Plan.

This involved initiating new and reviving stalled projects.

Unfortunately this did not go down well with Wa iria and it was interpreted by some quarters as an expose to failure of the county leadership which has always claimed water is a devolved function.

Governor Wa Iria through planned series of attacks called out Wairagu by calling him all manner of names.

At one point, he threatened to initiate court proceedings against the PS and called on President Kenyatta to oust him, but this did not materialize.

Dramatically after some time, the county CEO later stopped his attacks and they are said to have later worked with the PS in the BBI initiative and Gaturi ward by-election.

Wanjiru Chege
Things between the Women Rep and and the PS seemed to go well until recently when Chege declared her intentions to vie for governorship.

She claims Wairagu has nothing to do with the projects and they belong to the President.

This has been taken as a direct swap on the PS but he has not made any comments on the matter.

Jamleck Kamau

The former Kigumo  MP who unsuccessfully vied governor for launched a scathing attack against Wairagu by issuing him a one month notice.

He also sensationally claimed that he was the one who advised the President to appoint the PS.

However, Wairagu seems to have chosen a different path since he has remained mum even after being insulted.

At one point, a strong supporter of the PS found himself locking horns with county leadership where his property was vandalized.

In another scenario,armed goons sent by unknown individuals vandalized billboards that had been erected by the ministry of Water and Sanitation.

Muturi Kigano
After taking the mantle in the Ministry of Water, Wairagu appointed former Kanyenya ini MCA and Murang’a County Assembly majority leader Peter Kihungi as a Director in the Athi Water Works Development Agency.

Kihungi who is a strong rival of the Kigano has been traversing the area launching and inspecting water projects a move that has not gone down well with the legislator.

Such different Political interests have resulted to the area MP and his team always taking swaps against Water projects initiated by the government.

It is said that Kigano is much worried about the political implications of  the water projects in case  Kihungi decides to vie for Kangema Parliamentary seat.

However majority of MPS and MCA from the county have welcomed the Projects initiated by the PS and say they can’t fight leaders and individuals who mean well for county.

Several MCAs both elected and nominated are also behind the PS a move that has created a lot of tension in the county assembly.

Others include top County officials who see Wairagu as a probable successor to Governor Wa Iria.

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