I lobbied for roads when MP was engaged in Tanga Tanga politics, MCA says

Ichagaki Ward MCA Charles Mwangi Nganga alias Ichagaki one. He says he lobbied for roads projects while the MP was busy in Tanga Tanga politics

By Allan Wanjiku

Four major and important feeder roads in Ichagaki, Maragua will be maintained thanks to the lobbying by Ichagaki Ward MCA Charles Mwangi Nganga alias Ichagaki One.

Three feeder roads namely MOH/ Muslim Girls/ Itheru/Ichagaki, Kianjiruini/Wamuteme, Kibiriri, Kiamakumi- Githigi road and Kiamuohe Gikomora road all four kilometers will soon be repaired a move that will boost agriculture especially banana farming.

The three roads will be rehabilitated by Kenya Rural Roads Authority while the fourth road will be done by Muranga County Government.

Speaking after visiting the said roads, the MCA who has been lobbying for the roads and other projects both from the national and County Government said he lobbied for the projects while the local MP Mary Waithira was busy engaging in Tanga Tanga politics.

While challenging other leaders to use their influence to bring development projects on their areas of jurisdiction, the MCA said every leader can lobby for projects in all quarters to help his her constituents.

The MCA said all leaders regardless of their positions can lobby for development projects both in national and county governments

“I wish to call upon elected leaders to abandon the notion that he or she can’t lobby for development because he is either in the County Government or in the National Government, we must use our influence to lobby for projects because when the electioneering period comes, locals will not care about stories they will judge you on what you did for them,” Mr Ichagaki One said.

He added that as he lobbied for the projects, the area MP was busy conducting Tanga Tanga politics cautioning members not to be deceived on the roads projects.

“There are some people who wait for the projects to be lobbied only for them to claim ownership during the execution plan, but they were no where to be seen during the initiation plan,” he added.

Locals thanked and praised the MCA for his relentless efforts on fighting for the development in the area saying bad roads have affected their banana selling business.

“Our banana produce have gone bad several times for lack of better roads, vehicles can’t access our farms and this has affected us badly, many are the times that we are forced to ferry pregnant women upon their delivery with hands,” Mr Patrick Kibandi said.

Locals painted a picture of a neglected area but with the assurance of the repair of the said roads, their banana farming will flourish and will not depend on casual labour from other areas to feed their families.

Other than banana farming, the area is also ripe for dairy farming and fresh produce such as vegetables.

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