Ichagaki One Versus Wamaua, who will blink first?

Ichagaki Ward MCA responds to Maragua MP over roads projects.

By Allan Wanjiku

Ichagaki Ward MCA Charles Mwangi Nganga alias Ichagaki One has politely responded to Maragua MP Mary Waithira Wamaua who accused him of lying that he lobbied for roads projects.

The MP was reacting to Mr Ichagaki’s claims that he lobbied for the three road projects while she was busy engaging in Tanga Tanga politics.

She added that the Kenya Rural Roads Authority (Kerra) is under her office and that they work in conjunction with Kerra officials to identify roads to be done saying she is the only person who can launch the murruming of the roads.

Mr Ichagaki One differed with the MP on the composition of Kerra saying it is a State Corporation established under an act of parliament.

“Its a public knowledge that Kerra is under Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and not under MP’s office, the Mp is not in the management and in the board membership, it is a State corporation established through Kenya Roads Act 2007,” he said.


Maragua MP Mary Waithira Wamaua, she denied claims that it is Ichagaki Ward MCA who lobbied for roads projects.

The MCA said he has the correspondences between him and the office of Kerra a proof of the fact that he lobbied for the roads.

The MCA wants the MP to table the development projects which she has executed with the National Government Constituency Development Funds (CDF) since her election instead of engaging in petty local politics with MCAs over the projects

“With all the due kindness and respect I can’t waste my precious time for petty politicking, but I would advise my MP that it is not too late to evaluate and control herself by identifying her problem, define it brainstorm and do mitigation, she should ask herself why she is in a vicious fight with all MCAs,

“She is busy engaging in ward politics, insults and sideshows and I don’t wish to blame the Parliament on induction matters but I blame her for arrogance and ignorance, ” the MCA said.

He maintained that he has no problem with the MP launching the projects she never initiated as long as they are geared in helping my electorates.

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