I’m not the system’s Presidential candidate, Muturi says

By Allan Wanjiku

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi at Kabati town.

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has refuted claims that his presidential bid was a system sponsored project.

Muturi was crowned this year as the Mt Kenya region spokesperson at Mukurwe Wa Nyagathanga shrine and later declared his presidential bid .

The soft spoken leader has insisted that he is his own man about his own business.

Since his coronation, Muturi’s itinerary has been full where he has embarked on meet the people tour across the country.

His first ever regional event sparked controversy with some ambitious leaders opposed to his coronation claiming it was a wrong move and disrespect to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Elders too were sharply divided with one group opposing it and later on conducting a cleansing ceremony while another led by President Uhuru’s cousin Capt (Rtd) Kung’u Muigai supported it

Politicians from the region also reacted sharply to the crowning saying Muturi’s event did not have their blessings and started their own meetings as the Uhuru succession politics heated up.

Muturi’s detractors were quick to dismiss the political activities as state sponsored something he has come out strongly to refute.d

But he has described himself as a seasoned politician who apart from serving his second term as Speaker, he also served as MP for two terms and also a Chief Whip in Parliament.

Muturi said he was qualified to be president and was his running his own political affairs without any sponsorship. He said his politics will not affect his job as Speaker of the National Assembly.

Muturi was speaking when he met 700 religious under the Covenant Clergy Alliance chaired by Bishop Ngari Gakuyo at Wempa Gikono Ranch in Muranga County. The bishops endorsed Muturi and said they would support his presidential bid.

Muturi came to the defense of Bishop Gakuyo saying he (Gakuyo) had been persecuted by people jealous of his achievements.

He cautioned that there are people who only specialised in bringing others down instead of creating their own enterprises.

And defending himself, Bishop Gakuyo challenged those with evidence to prosecute them saying his name has been disparaged for too long. He said it was a heavy burden to carry when people keep accusing you yet you are never prosecuted.

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