Im ready to serve in Kenyatta’s government Peter Kenneth

By Ndungu Gachane


Leaders led by Peter Kenneth dance a traditional song Mr Kenneth said he was ready to serve in president Kenyatta’s government

Former Presidential Aspirant and former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth has announced that he is ready to serve in President Kenyatta’s adminstration.

The former MP said he he is ready and willing to support the President in the remaining two years to ensure he (The President) delivers his promises to the people.

His statement comes in the wake of growing optimism that President Kenyatta will be reconstitution of the cabinet in two week’s time.

Senate Chief Whip Irungu Kangata announced that President Kenyatta will be extending the purge to Cabinet Secretaries who do not support the President’s agenda.

Mr Kenneth said President Kenyatta remains Mt Kenya’s kingpin before and after the expiry of his term

“The purge that has been witnessed in the National Assembly and the Senate will be extended to the Cabinet where stiff-necked Cses will be laid off,” Mr Kangata said.O

On Saturday, government officials led by Principal Secretary Irungu Wairagu and Chief Administrative Secretary Zack Kinuthia and a host of political class lobbied for Peter Kenneth to be included in the Cabinet when the President conducts the changes.

Led by Gatanga MP Nduati Ngugi, the leaders said Mr Kenneth is equal to the task and that President Kenyatta should appoint him in the Cabinet position.

“The President should appoint Mr Kenneth for the Cabinet position to ensure smooth delivery of services to Kenyans,” he said

On his part Mathioya MP Peter Kimari said Mr Kenneth has a clean record and a development track record saying he was the best suited candidate for the Cabinet to work with the President.

“He is our son, when he was the MP, he always took the trophy for his development track record,” he said.

Water Ps Mr Wairagu praised Mr Kenneth saying he mentored him to become the best Ps he is.

“He mentored me, he showed me how to plan work and due to his excellent leadership skills I’m able to plan and execute my roles, he said.

When he rose to speak, Mr Kenneth said President Kenya was the legitimate head of the Mt Kenya region and that even after the expiry of his term, he shall continue be sought for advice.

“He is the Agikuyu community leader and head of Mt Kenya region and he will continue even after his term expires,” he said.

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