Installation of Governor Waiguru as patron of the Daughters of The Mountain movement divides members

By Ndungu Gachane

Governor Ann Waiguru being installed as The Daughters of the Mountain movement by a section of members led by Lydia Mathia. The installation has led serious storm to the group.

Factions have emerged to a four month old, Daughters of the Mountain Movement, a group formed to equip young women on economic and intergenerational empowerment after a group installed Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru as the group’s patron.

While one faction maintains that there was no such agreement to install the governor as its leader since they did not form the movement for political moves, the other faction that installed the governor maintains there was a consensus to install her and blames political bigwigs of sponsoring a section of the group’s members to give a divergent opinion.

A faction of The Daughters of the Mountain pose for a photo at Mathioya Catholic church after donating saloon equipment to over 30 young girls. They have distanced themselves with installation of Governor Ann Waiguru as the group’s patron

Nominated MCA Wambui Njoki of one faction group dismissed the other group saying they did not discuss, agree or even conceptualize the idea of having a patron leave alone installing Ms Waiguru as the patron.

Describing the group as busy bodies and political brokers, Ms Njoki who led her faction in Mathioya Catholic church to empower over 30 young girls by donating portable saloon equipment to them advised the governor to forget the newly acquired tittle of ‘patron’.

“We did not form the group for political expediency, we formed the group for social economic and intergenerational empowerment, governor Waiguru must be made aware that she is not our patron,” Ms Njoki said.

She said they were excited and optimistic that their group would change lives and return the river back to it’s course by advising empowering and equipping youth to do the needful in the society.

However, the leader of the other faction, Lydia Mathia refutes her colleague’s narrative saying all members of the movement were aware of the function blaming some politicians of sponsoring some members to reject the spirit of the group for mere political gains.

“Those are local politics at play, all members were aware of the activity, some people have sponsored some members to oppose our agreed agenda due to political insecurities but I want to state that we shall overcome and move on,” Ms Mathia told our political desk.

She added that it was part of their objectives when they formed the group to work in partnership with women achievers to impact knowledge to younger women to overcome challenges and stand by their own.

“It is stated in our objective that we shall work in conjunction with women achievers of the community to provide opportunity to young women from Gema community to learn from the knowledge and experience of women achievers who have gone through the same road and experience, Ms Waiguru being one of them,” Ms Mathia said.

She added that governor Waiguru has a wealthy of experience and a vast political knowledge having endured serious storms and is now able to mould and mentor many young women on how to stand strong and that they were within their movement’s aims to hold periodic sessions to honour women from Gema who have exceptional success in empowerment of girls in the community.

At the same time, Muranga Women Representative Wanjiru Chege who spoke at Kiriani during Ms Njoki’s event advised the movement to get over the small challenges and pursue their agenda while at the same time called on leaders to support the youth instead of taking advantage of them.

“The youth have a realistic and a wonderful agenda, they have my support especially on empowering youthful women and restoring our culture which is fading away, I call upon politicians and leaders to join the group and support them instead of taking advantage of them,” Ms Chege advised.

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