Is Daily Nation’s Senior Editor John Kamau at war with Governor Mwangi Wa Iria?

Mr John Kamau, Daily Nation Senior Editor. He has denied allegations that he is fighting Muranga Governor Mwangi Wa Iria’s newly constructed ICU facility. 
By Allan Wanjiku 
Nation Media Group’s senior editor John Kamau is on a warpath with Muranga Governor Mwangi Wa Iria over reasons only better known to him.
Multiple reports by correspondents from the Nation Media Group indicate that Mr Kamau has allegedly been using his influence as a senior editor to block Muranga ICU stories from being published by the Nation.
Mr Kamau frantically tried to stop a story detailing about the completion of the ICU but he could not offer the reasons for his decision a move that shows how he is trying to ensure no story by the governor finds its way to Daily Nation.
According to the sources, Mr Kamau, the quality officer has also been gagging some journalists based on their social media post and at one time, he went direct to the correspondent’s inbox and accused him of praising the governor and demanded whether he could explain how much was used to construct the ICU.
He also hard pressed him to explain whether he had engaged with professionals over the quality of equipment at the facility and when a positive answer was given, Mr Kamau was never satisfied, he claimed those asked could never give an accurate answer as they were under Governor Mwangi Wa Iria.
On April 24, Mr Kamau took to his Twitter account to discredit the construction of the ICU and posted a photo of the unfinished building claiming that the county could have designed a better ICU and wondered the whereabouts of the County engineers.
The post by John Kamau in his Twitter handle on a photo of unfinished ICU building in Muranga.
This is a move that could arouse his followers’ emotions and incite them against the facility which was not nearly complete.
A source told KK Online News that threats and intimidations forced Nation Media Group not to publish the ICU’s dedication ceremony which was graced by Archbishop and a host of bishops after senior editors accused regional scribes of being pocketed by the governor.
Mr Kamau is a senior reporter who, interestingly comes from Muranga and more interestingly, from Murarandia village a village that neighbours Mugoiri where Governor Mwangi Wa Iria and Water PS Joseph Irungu Wairagu comes from.
Mr Kamau’s sources of news, based on stories he writes, rages from Mr Wairagu, DCI George Kinoti and Interior Cs Fred Matiang’i.
It is understood that Mr Wairagu has been embroiled in a frosty working relationship with Muranga Governor with their bad blood playing public in Muranga water woes.
While Mr Wairagu has declared interests to vie for gubernatorial post in 2022, the governor has declared that he will have a say on who to succeed him and has also registered a political party, a move that has rubbed some powerful people in government in a wrong way.
Some forces are said to be in a move to tame the governor whose political star is rising on daily basis and spreading like the bush fire.
Motivated to doing a balanced and a fair story, KK Online News reached out to Mr Kamau who denied all the allegations and claimed he was not in a smear campaign against the ICU.
“No, I have not been against the ICU, no not me,” he said on a phone interview.
When asked about his Twitter post and alleged intimidations to journalists, Mr Kamau also known as JK hanged up the phone interview.
Our team sent him this message. “Hi Sir, Allan here again from KK Online News, you hanged up before responding to the issue of your post in Twitter about the ICU and the journalists intimidations on the same issue,” a message that has not been responded when we were publishing this article

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