Is Samuel Mwangi (Kifeeti) a goon or a loyalist?

By Allan Wanjiku

Samuel Mwangi aka Kifeeti. Many call him Wa Iria’s goon while majority say he is a lieutenant

When you mention the word Kifeeti outside Muranga, money or wallet hits your mind but not in Muranga and its neighbouring counties.

In Mt Kenya region upon the mention of the word, an idea of a man comes in your mind, Samuel Mwangi alias Kifeeti.

Mr Mwangi is a jack of all trades from being a Gitugi politician, a philanthropist and a disciplinarian of people, leaders who go against the will of his boss, Muranga Governor Mwangi Wa Iria.

He will do this in Muranga or in any other part of this country.

He rose to fame during 2017 most contested gubernatorial polls that cited Governor Mwangi Wa Iria a political doyen Jamclick Kamau.

He featured prominently during Muranga water woes, when demos against Wa Iria were planned when he and others thwarted the protests which were heading to the governor’s office.

His actions have been interpreted as goonism by people with low political understanding while the political class with deeper understanding of the murky world of politics define Mr Kifeeti as a loyalist, lieutenant, front political soldier whose services are essential in politics.

True to the above definition of the character of Kifeeti, has learnt that several politicians seeking County and national elective positions have contacted him to work in their political camps but he remains focused to support and defend Mr Wa Iria.

“Its true that I have been contacted to work with various leaders as their political think tank but as for now I’m in Wa Iria’s camp,” Mr Kifeeti said.

Mr Kifeeti in 2017 vied for Gitugi MCA but lost to Mr Mwangi Kihurunjo but to many locals, they seek help from Mr Kifeeti  who has never turned them away.

He has used his good relationship with the governor to help his people since he believes serving his constituents is a passion and can be done even when he is not in leadership position.

He has donated masks, food among other things to the poor and deserving in Gitugi ward.

Mr Kifeeti remains the people’s MCA for Gitugi and if his spirit and efforts continue, he will only be confirmed by his people in 2022 to become the next MCA.

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