Its messy in Maragua as Wamaua writes to DCI to summon Ichagaki One, prepares defamation suit against the MCA

By Ndungu Gachane

Mp Mary Waithira Wamaua she has vowed to sue Ichagaki One with defamation suit

Maragua MP Mary Waithira Wamaua wants Ichagaki Ward MCA grilled by DCI over his allegations touching on mismanagement of NGCDF.

The MP says, she has always avoided altercations and responding to the ward representative but his latest accusations which she believes targets her, are aimed at inciting locals.

She has written and presented the petition to Maragua based DCI requesting the detectives to summon the MCA to shed more light on his allegations.

Speaking to, the legislator has also announced that she will be heading to court to sue the MCA with defamation suit saying she will no longer entertain the MCA to seek what she describes as cheap political mileage using her name.

“I have written to DCI to have the MCA summoned to shed light and give evidence on his allegations that Maragua NGCDF has been embezzled, Im also heading to court to sue him with defamation suit,” she said.

On Wednesday, MCA Charles Mwangi Nganga alias Ichagaki One petitioned the EACC to initiate probe to various projects in Maragua which he said includes development projects, employment criteria among others.

The MP however says the anti graft body is welcome in Maragua to investigate all the projects adding that she has nothing to hide.

“I’m ready to face EACC and the officers are most welcome in Maragua to ask any question regarding to development projects undertaken by NGCDF,” she responded.

On MCA’s allegations on bursary issuance, the MP said her office had prepared bursary cheques early this year but the government shut down schools owing to the Covid-19 pandemic which brought the whole process to a stand still.

“Some allegations by the MCA are just infantile, on the issue on bursary, we had allocated the money and prepared cheques but Covid-19 struck the country, now that the Ministry has announced plans for school re opening we are reviewing the list of beneficiaries since some have quited schools while others are through with their education,” the MP noted.

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