Jamleck Kamau, a leader with political prowess and Solomonic wisdom rebrands

By Allan Wanjiku

Former Cabinet Minister, PS, Mp Jamleck Kamau is a completely new politician and this can be attested by his latest activity; the declaration of gubernatorial bid event.

Jamleck Kamau a politician who has rebranded

The event was full of glamor and finesse and unearthed a long lasting mark of ‘the new him’ and the mystique surrounding his event was characterized by his master piece suit which described him as a man who is ready for a task ahead of him.

His pinstriped suit was charcoal grey in color, ironed to precision to match his freshly cut haircut and Italian Aldo shoes, displayed three things he was smart, modish, voguish, elegant but at the same time, his social aspect and closeness to the locals outweighed his sense of fashion.

Jamleck Kamau address locals

The sharp dressed ,man who is currently serving as TARDA Chairman has also lost a pound or two and it’s evident he is clearly working on staying fit.

While giving his official speech as well as addressing the media, Kamau unveiled his personalized podium.

With gold stands and a red carpet fluffy casing all over it, the podium is said to have cost hundreds of thousands.

Our team has done some online research and the podium of that stature could have easily cost at least Sh250, 000.

On the podium was his full names, a photo and a short code.

Kamau declared to run for the governor this week

The gubernatorial aspirant announced that the short code, 23343 is supposed to be used by people willing to work in his campaigns as volunteers.

“All you will need is share your name and polling station and then we will reach out to you,” he said.

The short code service has only been used by Presidents Barack Obama and Joe Biden which helped them get massive support and reach of most of their supporters.

Jamleck Kamau state of art vehicles

In a show of preparedness, Kamau has also invested in a fully equipped sound car, fitted with top notch speakers and other public address amenities inside the car.

The system is running on a silent generator, with such things only being seen with President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto’s advance teams.

All the attributes and show of preparedness lead to one thing, Kamau is not only ready for the grueling campaigns but he is ready to occupy the governor’s office.

He is the only front runner in the gubernatorial bid having been so close to Governor Mwangi Wa iira in 2017 campaigns.



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