Jamleck Kamau abandons 2017 political strategy, adopts a more compressive and elaborate strategy that will sweep Muranga votes

By Allan Wanjiku

Former Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau has announced that he will not be using the 2017 political strategy which he used against Governor Mwangi Wa Iria in his quest to succeed him.

Kamau who spoke to his Team Jamu members in Muranga town while announcing his bid to run for governor said unlike in 2017 where his campaigners would move from their areas to other jurisdictions to seek votes for him, the campaigns will be driven by the community members from their respective areas.

He announced that his 2022 gubernatorial campaigns will be a tsunami compared to 2017, a reason that should scare Water PS Irungu Wairagu and other gubernatorial contenders.

This is because Kamau had a strong wave across youth and women and had employed a State of art campaign machinery that yielded by enabling himto garner 118,274 against Governor Mwangi Wa Iria’s 205,976. His announcement therefore will send shock waves to his rivals.

“Next year’s polls and campaign strategy can only be compared with a hen and her chick because we have an elaborate strategy to ensure that we finish strong, no community outsider will man my campaigns, they will be headed by people known by the community,” he said.

Kamau also announced a special messaging platform where volunteers and the electorate will be notified on his campaign calendar where agents will also be sourced from.

Jamleck Kamau address Kenol residents

He said, the team that will guard his votes during the votes counting will also be sourced from the messaging platform which is 23343 as it will contain data base for the subscribers.

He said once elected, he would ensure continuity of Wa Iria’s projects and enhance value addition so that the Muranga farmer reaps more form agricultural programs initiated by the current administration.

“Wa Iria has done exemplary good in establishing the milk plant and issuing Muranga people with avocado tree seedling, I will ensure that we have value addition in dairy sector and beef up the avocado sector by establishing an avocado plant,” Kamau added.

He criticized Water PS Irungu Wairagu for digging boreholes to Muranga people and taking water to Nairobi and for trying to take credit for projects initiated by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.

“I will not allow our water to be taken to Nairobi while we are served with boreholes we have information that some boreholes don’t even have water and this is utter misuses of public resources,” Kamau said.

Kamau who referred himself as a lion said he was not afraid his rivals but urged his competitors to sell their manifesto instead of resulting to insults.

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