Jimmy Wanjigi to vie for President

By Allan Wanjiku

Jimmy Wanjigi

Tycoon Jimmy Wanjigi has joined a race to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in a political arithmetic that will trigger a serious political debate in the arena of Kenyan politics.

Mr Wanjigi a tycoon known to finance political bigwigs in the country will disrupt the politics of the major Presidential candidates who depend on his huge pockets.

Kkonlinenews has learnt that Mr Wanjigi has procured a state of art vehicles with speakers mounted on top and about 15 helicopters that he will be using to crisscross all parts of this country.

For a long time, Wanjigi has been funding politicians aspiring to ascend to Presidency and who have been using his choppers to conduct campaigns.

“Its all systems to go, we are ready to roll out campaigns and we shall start by launching Presidential campaigns in Muranga,” a source close to Wanjigi confided.

Wanjigi hail from Muranga, County Mathioya Constituency Kamacharia Ward Wahundura village and his father used to Kamukunji MP who is known to fight for Muoroto people who were at the verge of being thrown out from their land.

Having come from Muranga, Wanjigi stands a better chance to succeed Uhuru given that there has been a feeling that Muranga has been left out in political game plan in Mt Kenya despite its population in terms of registered voters.

His connections across the country and his huge financial muscles places Wanjigi at a central point in the race to succeed Uhuru.

Our political desk has learnt that MPs, Senators and Governors from Mt Kenya region who have recieved the news of Wanjigi’s major political move have been looking for him to support him and also to fund their political campaigns.

He joins the race amid heightened succession politics in Mt Kenya region where he has also been funding them.

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