No Jubilee party primaries in Gaturi as it turns out to be Tanga Tanga Kieleweke affair

By Ndungu Gachane

Esther Mwihaki and Ms Rosemary Wakuthii, they are the front runners in Gaturi Ward by elections.

Barely a month after the burial ceremony of Gaturi MCA Kiiru Mbembe, political activities in the race to succeed the late has heightened up with three major contestants seeking Jubilee party ticket to use as their political vehicle to navigate the arid and semi-arid Ward and to woo voters.

The three Rosemary Mary Wakuthi, Esther Mwihaki and Joshua Githinji have returned their nomination papers at the Jubilee headquarters but our sources within the party have intimated to our political desk that there will be no party primaries but the bigwigs of the party will give a direct ticket to one among the three.

Ms Wakuthii, using Jubilee party, was ousted by the late Kiiru Mbembe (independent candidate) in 2017 but emerged second while Ms Mwihaki took the third position with Mr Githinji bowing out after party primaries held on, March 2017.

But among the three, both Ms Wakuthii and Ms Mwihaki hail from lower Gaturi which has about 7700 votes while Mr Githinji hails from Gakuyu village in Upper Gaturi which has over 10000 votes.

The big fish in Jubilee government will decide whom to give a direct ticket with sources revealing that the Tanga Tanga Kieleweke politics will take a centre stage.

Pro government leaders are keen to ensure that area MP Ndindi Nyoro’s favourite will be locked out due to his open defiance to government and his declaration that he belongs to Hustler’s Nation a faction that supports Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 Presidential ambition.

Ms Wakuthii enjoys support from both Governor Mwangi Wa Iria and Mr Nyoro while Ms Mwihaki is a CDF employee under the patronage of MP Nyoro and Mr Githinji has been an ardent Kieleweke supporter until off late when he has turned out to be a harsh critic of Uhuru Kenyatta led administration.

Sources close to the ruling Jubilee party indicates that Mr Githinji could be the Kieleweke’s favorite candidate perhaps due to his earlier actions on disrupting a faction of Tanga Tanga presser on January this year at Golden Palm Hotel Kenol.

Mr Githinji is said to have used his connections to convince the likes of Nominated MP Maina Kamanda, a section of Muranga leadership to be picked as the ruling party’s candidate but we continue to keep our eyes and ears wide open to hear the determination of the party.

Joshua Githinji a Gaturi Ward MCA aspirant


Until September 30 when Ms Wakuthii took her application to Jubilee party, it was widely perceived that she would use Wa Iria’s CRP party to vie for the MCA seat.

She told our desk that she had not resigned from the Jubilee party and as such she could not use the party due to legal hitches.

“The law gives guidelines on when to resign and join the other party, I’m still an active member for Jubilee just like the governor and so I will be using this party for my come back,” she said.

Other than the three candidates, other contenders include Mwangi Kenda and the little known John Muchoki alias Kisoo.

In our subsequent reports we shall be analyzing all the candidates to help our readers determine who be the next MCA with total consideration on region, political affiliation and their popularity on the ground.


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