Justin Muturi finally declares his Presidential bid

By Allan Wanjiku

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi at Mukurwe Wa Nyagathanga shrine when he was installed as Mt Kenya region kingpin

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has decried the erosion of social values and announced he is going for the top job to fix the country and restore order.

Addressing over 200 bishops and clergy under the banner of ‘All Pentecostal Clergy’ from Embu County,  Muturi said he was committed to steer the country on a new path and restore the good old days when people respected God and the country’s laws.

The members of the clergy had called on the Speaker in his Kanyuombora home to fellowship with him and pray for the country.

Muturi regretted that many officials entrusted by Kenyans to serve them in the public service had since vacated their responsibility, and recalled the of the “coat” working while the officer holder is out on personal errands.

He urged the clergy to continue praying for the country to remain peaceful and stay on the course of development as the foundation has been laid by the nation’s founding fathers.

“A few years back, when you had a dispute with someone or your title deed had an issue, you would go to the District Lands Officer and they would sort out the matter expeditiously. Today if you did the same thing with the lands office, you will actually be giving someone a tip to acquire your piece of land”, he lamented.

He noted that despite the country having great resources among them a well educated human resource, it hadn’t realised the envisaged progress because of lack of discipline and patriotism.

He told the clergy that he was ready to fix the country and requested them to pray for him as he traverses the country to outline this vision.

“What this country needs is order and to revisit the national values and ethos that the builders of this nation envisaged. Indeed, these values we espouse and which are enshrined in our Constitution are biblical. This is what inspires my desire to see change in this country”, he explained.

He rubbished the narrative that Kenya’s problem is its economic model, noting that the economic hardships being experienced in the country had emanated from greed and selfishness among leaders, which he wants to change through his quest for the top seat.

Asking for the support of the clergy and their congregations to realise his vision, Mr Muturi said he was not interestesld in being second to anyone.

“No one goes into a competition to be number two, and that’s why I’m urging you to support me to be number one.”

He added, “We must restore dignity and integrity in the management of the affairs of this country. Unless we do that we cannot achieve any programs and whatever great ideas we have because they will be compromised by indiscipline.”

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