Kangata is doing your job, locals tell Wa Iria over banned medical camp

By Charles Njoroge

Margret Wairimu castigates Governor Mwangi Wa Iria’s adminstration for banning medical camp organized by Senator Irungu Kangata

Residents from Kandara are up in arms over Governor Mwangi Wa Iria’s adminstration to ban a medical camp organized by Senator Irungu Kangata.

The residents led by Margret Warimu want the governor to reconsider his decision owing to the benefits of the medical camps which are conducted at their door steps.

Ms Wairimu said it was ironical that the governor is stopping the important activity which seeks to support and compliment his duty; health docket which is a devolved function.

“Its unfortunate that a medical camp has been stopped which was to compliment his duty of ensuring a healthy county, there are no medicine in the health facilities and it is awkward that the exercise which is our safe heavens has to stop,” Wairimu said.

On his part Stanley Mehu urged the devolved unit to always support initiatives geared in helping the electorate as opposed to crippling them.

“We depend on such medical camps for medical services since the health facilities in our county are in deplorable state, let them reconsider their decision,” Mehu said.

Senator Kangata said he would do all what is within his capability to demand that he is allowed to undertake the medical camp.

He warned that if the letter is not withdrawn within 14 days, he would take stern legal action to demand that all the expenses he had invested in for the two medical camps slated next month is refunded.

Senator Irungu Kangata during a presser with press men.

“Whoever wrote the letter must be very ashamed, let him stop looking at the events on a political angle, my efforts are geared to helping people with underlying conditions such as hypertension, diabetes among other ailments,” he said.

Kangata said a medical camp uses about Sh1 million and that he would be seeking compensation for the same since the health directive given by the President did not include medical camps.

He said he started the program as the Muranga Town Councillor and he depends on well wishers as well as his pocket money to fund the activity.

A letter wrote by Muranga CEC Joseph Mbai to Senator Irungu Kangata to stop his medical camp

On May 21 Muranga County Executive Member for Health Joseph Mbai wrote to Kangata advising him to stop the slated medical camp over Covid-19 pandemic.

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