Karanja Mburu Wamatangi differs sharply with MP Nyoro on additional of Constituency proposal

By Ndungu Gachane

Mp Nyoro with Wamatangi in a recent function

Kiharu politician and philanthropist Karanja Mburu Wamatangi had differed sharply with MP Ndindi Nyoro over the latter’s opposition to a BBI proposal on increasing Constituencies saying the move will only overburden taxpayers over the salaries.

Engineer Wamatangi invites the MP to consider the benefits that comes along with a new Constituency saying the MP should not trivialize the whole debate on salaries only.

The Engineer notes that a new Constituency will not only get over Sh100 million for development but will also entrench representation in Parliament in crucial matters and motions like the Tea and Coffee bill that pertains Kiharu people.

According to Wamatangi, the MP for the new electoral unit will also play a crucial part in Parliament during elections for the Speaker, Prime Minister and the two Deputy Prime Ministers.

“Mr Nyoro should open his eyes and see the gains that comes a long with the new electoral unit, money and proper representation in Parliament, its important to note that he was nowhere to be seen during a Tea Bill debate which is long overdue and needed by his people,” Mr Wamatangi noted.

The Lappset Director also says the MP should join Muranga leaders like Governor Mwangi Wa Iria, Senator Irungu Kangata and Women Representative Wanjiru Chege to agitate for one more Constituency instead of playing dragging politics in such an important proposal.

He proposed that there should be a boundary review to other parts in Muranga to ensure that Constituencies are equal in terms of population.

But his rival, Mr Nyoro is of the opinion that the number of Constituencies should remain but the formula on revenue allocation changed to one man one shilling one vote to ensure the populous Constituencies get more National Government Constituency Development Fund.

The Tanga Tanga adherent says having more electoral units will be a  burden to taxpayers due to salaries and funds to run the Constituency as well as money to pay the officers.

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