Kiharu Constituency Manager released on a cash bail, to be charged in court

By KK Online reporter

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro’s staff arrested during the scuffle between the MP’s team against that of Governor Mwangi Wa Iria during chaos over BBI protest has been released.

Martin Kabura, Kiharu Constituency CDF manager at Ihura stadium

Martin Kabura who is Kiharu Constituency Manager was arrested over claims that he among other youths, pelted stones at a vehicle parked at Ihura stadium as pro Wa Iria supporters addressed the press.

The Mp’s supporters had blocked the gate to prevent their rival group from addressing the press but the police dispersed them.

While the pro Wa Iria group were addressing the press, unknown people outside the stadium started throwing stones into the field.

The Constituency Manager would then be arrested over the allegations and whisked away and booked at Muranga police station.

After interrogation, he was released on a cash bail of Sh10000 and is expected to be charged at Muranga law courts on May 17.

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