Kiharu is happy with court’s verdict on BBI

By Charles Njoroge

Boda Boda riders protest in Muranga town in solidarity with the court’s verdict on BBI

A section of Kiharu residents have lauded Judiciary for its thunderbolt judgement against the BBI hullabaloo.

With unexplained excitement, jubilation and happiness, the locals who were escorted by an army of Boda Boda riders went round Muranga town and Mukuyu thanking God for ‘saving the country’ from fraud and dubious referendum push.

“The judgement by a five judge bench is a true testament that God can never forsake His people, we can only praise Him,” they said as they addressed locals through the public address systems mounted on top of the lead vehicle.

“It was a historic judgement that shook the nation especially those who thought they will force unconstitutional amendments to the people,” Kamau Mutuota said.

The protestors who largely included Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro supporters also expressed their confidence with Nyoro and all the leaders who stood with the people and refused to be ‘bribed.”

They said the country do not need the referendum at the moment and said the court’s verdict was a landmark move to protect the 2010 constitution.

Mp Nyoro has been very categorical that those pushing for referendum are cons, sellouts and cowards.

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