Kiharu locals differ with their Mp on boundary review

By Ndungu Gachane

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro he is opposed to proposed additional Constituencies

A section of Kiharu Constituency locals have sharply differed with their MP Ndindi Nyoro over boundary review where the MP wants increased resources to the existing Constituencies instead of adding more constituencies.

The locals who largely hail from Kahuro Sub-County of Kiharu Constituency argue that the Sub-County should be made a Constituency so that they get their fair share of equitable distribution of resources.

While MP Nyoro maintains that the proposal to create new Constituencies will only increase the clamour for more additional Constituencies, locals argue that Kahuro Sub-County has a whole set of provincial administrators from the Deputy County Commissioner all the way to the Assistant chiefs, has enough housing and big towns to house the Constituency offices and that all what is lacking is the MP.

Led by youth leaders Gakenia Kinyuti, Kamau Mutuota, elders Kanyingi Gachomo among others, locals on Thursday said it will cost nothing for the government should a new Constituency is established.

“Kiharu Constituency is the only one in Muranga that has two Sub-Counties that is Muranga East and Kahuro, this means that even in Provincial administration, it is a too large area that can’t be governed by one Deputy County Commissioner,” Ms Gakenia said

“We have the entire infrastructure in this area to house the CDF offices and other officers who may be deployed here we have had them since 1974. A new Constituency will automatically mean more money to the Constituency level and more development projects,” Mr Kanyingi said.

On his part Mr Kamau Mutuota said the proposal as enshrined in the Building Bridges Imitative report was the late Kenneth Matiba’s wish as the Constituency was divided to pave tame him during Moi regime.

“If the late Matiba was alive, he would be very glad and jovial for the proposal by the BBI report, this is because the Constituency was a tool to tame him and impose the late John Njoroge Michuki and the late John Joseph Kamotho, this is the way to go,” Mr Mutota said.

The views by the locals have been deeply supported by a powerful women activist Doctor Judy Makira who leads a lobby group named Centre For Women and Technology who believes having an additional Constituency in Kiharu means more money, more development and more youth and women empowerment in Kiharu.

Dr Makira a well connected and development oriented leader who is also a lecturer at the University of Embu and the Vice Chairperson for Muranga Municipal Board says giving the over Sh100 million Constituency Development Fund kitty to Kiharu would fight  insecurity, drug abuse as youth will be given express job opportunities due to vacancies that come along with the development projects.

“Kiharu is under represented, we need an extra Constituency to warrant more development projects in Kahuro so that locals can have a feel of the National government Constituency Development fund. The opportunity will contribute to youth, men and women empowerment who are the future of this nation,” Dr Makira said

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10 months ago

Wow great news

10 months ago

This is a noble idea. I fully support it

10 months ago

Heko Daktari Judy Makira. You mean well for Kahuro people. Keep up the spirit.

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