Kirinyaga is burning, locals want impeachment discussed by whole house

By Josaya Mutugi

Kirinyaga residents they want the impeachment motion against Waiguru to be discussed by the whole house

Residents of Kirinyaga County held demonstrations in support of the impeachment motion against Governor Ann Waiguru and pushing for the debate to be discussed by the whole house in Senate.

The residents who included boda boda operators, business people and other locals in the transport sector raised their fears saying a committee may be compromised to dismiss the impeachment without looking at the merits and the demerits of the accusations.

“The accusations leveled against the governor are too serious to be discussed by an 11-member committee, we want the Speaker to declare that the whole Senate discuss the matter,” the locals said.


The demonstrators said a committee may be compromised

They added that they have undergone immense suffering under the leadership of Ms Waiguru and want the Senate to confirm the Assembly’s decision.

“She has not been able to work with the Assembly, accusations of corruption and embezzlement of public funds have been the order of the day, we want her out,” they said.

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