Kitchen too hot? Waiguru to defend her seat

By Mutugi Josiah

Governor Ann Waiguru being installed as The Daughters of the Mountain movement by a section of members led by Lydia Mathia

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has said she will defend her gubernatorial seat in the Coming general elections 2022.She asked her political opponents not to panic ,and allow the residents to decide on ballot .She was speaking at Keruguya town during Wezesha cheques disbursement to various groups.

The Governor defended her first term development record, adding most of her campaign pledges had been fulfilled.She urged the residents to give her more time to accomplish more projects

She told off her opponents to shun political gimmicks and focus on uplifting residents lives, and asked the residents to keenly vet leaders.

The County boss said most of her political rivals were good in promises but doubted their capacity to steer the county gvt.She said it was not easy to ran county operations with minimal budgets and still fulfill development pledges

Waiguru said there is clear evidence on the development work done across county in her regime, She expressed confidence her leadership had transformed different sectors in county.

She added her county had benefited with many projects from National government.

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