Lands activist Phillip Njuguna Wa Ruth says his life in danger over pursuit of justice

By Ndungu Gachane

Lands activist Phillip Njuguna Wa Ruth alias PMG. He has recorded statement with police over death threats.

Lands activist Njuguna Wa Ruth popularly known as PMG has recorded a statement over what he describes as a threat to eliminate him by unknown people due to his quest to have part of Delmonte Land given to locals.

The outspoken Kandara politician who leads a section of locals in the Constituency identified as Kandara Residents Association availed himself at Ngati police post located within the vast Delmonte land where he recorded his statement under the OB No 8/16/06/2020.

Speaking to the lands activist claimed that on March 9 this year, he received two messages that he believes could be the basis and justification of eliminating him.

He says the messages were instructing him to refund Sh200 to some people who he had allegedly demanded money from adding that the messages could be a well choreographed scheme to kill him and divert attention to the people who the sender claimed he had demanded money from.

“On March 9 I received two messages from unknown person directing me to refund money from people I had demanded money from. To set the records straight I have not demanded any money from any quota and I believe this is a scheme to kill me and then divert attention to the ghost people,” Mr Njuguna said.

He indicated that he also recorded a statement about the youth who he claims to have intruded into part of the disputed land in Delmonte and have started subdividing and building houses.

“In my statement, I also recorded that there are some people who have invaded in Sassa coffee land which is estimated to be about 1000 acres of land despite the National Land Commission awarding them the land,” he said.

He claimed that the youth who used to live in Kihiu Mwiri are claiming to have an authority from an influential politician in Muranga saying no one expect the National Land Commission or the parliament had the authority to allocate the land at the Delmonte.

Mr Njuguna who is in court with Muranga County Government, National Land Commission and the multi national juice processing firm claims part of the land operated by the Delmonte was grabbed from their forefathers and are demanding about 10000 acres before the land leases are renewed.

“My suit is based on historical land injustices and no one including Muranga and Kiambu counties can renew land to Delmonte or any other leasehold, its only the National Land Commission who can and that’s what the devolved unite should do, write to the NLC and demand land for public utilities instead of going to bed with them,” he added

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