Maragua politician ready to unite Wamaua, MCAs for smooth service delivery

By Allan Wanjiku

Mr Antony Chege. He has declared to reunite Maragua MP Mary Waithira and the MCAs who have been wrangling over development projects

Maragua politician and philanthropist Antony Chege alias Kadea has offered himself to unite the warring parties in Maragua who are Maragua MP and Maragua MCAs.

Mr Chege known for his soberness transparency and authoritativeness has observed that political wrangles being occasioned in Maragua are bad for development.

In an interview with Mr Chege said he is concerned with how the MP is at a warpath with the MCAs announcing his bid to unite the two factions to bring order and sanity.

“I have noted with great concern in the ongoing political wrangles in Maragua and I have offered myself to lead dialogue and reconciliation process,” he said.

However the politician who faced off with Wa Maua during the 2017 general elections and became second congratulated the MCAs for their lobbying tactics both at the County and National Government levels,” he said.

He observed that the MCAs have demonstrated leadership skills and called for mutual understanding from the MP so that together they can read from the same script and compliment each other to bring more goodies to the locals.

According to Mr Chege development can only be realized when leaders co exist well and compliment each other cautioning that failure to do so be the surest bet for the leaders to lose their elective positions in future elections.

“Every leader has been elected to serve and if they fail to do so, they will have nothing to showcase while facing the wrath of the electorate.”

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