Mass defections from Jubilee to ANC as former MP, MCA defects

By Ndungu Gachane

Former Maragua MP Kamande Wa Mbuku. He has been appointed to chair ANC in Muranga

Amani National Congress (ANC) has continued to gain more in Mt Kenya region as mass defections has been the order of the day for Jubilee.

On Sunday, a two time MP Kamande Wa Mbuku who represented Maragua Constituency and a former Gitugi MCA Dancun Njuguna led a group of over 15 main Muranga opinion shapers to ANC and announced a vigorous mass recruitment drive as a major entry of Mr Mudavadi in the voter rich basket region.

Barely a month a go, a key strategist and a political guru, Simon Kamau Gikuru who played a central role during Jubilee party primaries and during the Jubilee polls in the repeat election defected to ANC casting aspersions to the future of Jubilee party in the region.

The group convened at Trotters hotel in Kenol where they picked Mr Wambuku to be the chairperson for ANC in Muranga.

They said the split in Jubilee where two faction ie Kieleweke and Tanga Tanga groups have emerged informed them to defect from the troubled Jubilee saying Mr Mudavadi is the best bet for Presidency.

Led by Gikuru the team described Mr Mudavadi as development conscious, astute, visionary, selfless and a leader who has no blemish on corruption case in Kenya.


Mr Simon Gikuru is the ANC point man in Mt Kenya

“When Muranga speaks, Mt Kenya trembles, we have made up our minds and we are strongly behind Mudavadi’s Presidential ambitions, these are the people who helped former Presidents Mwai Kibaki and Uhuru Kenyatta and since the he (President) will not be in the ballot in 2022, we have resolved to support Mr Mudavadi,” Mr Gikuru said promising Deputy President William Ruto and Opposition chief Raila Odinga camps a bruising political duel in grassroots campaigns.

He said many elected leaders have expressed their intentions to join the ‘winning team’ but they fear reprisals from their respective political parties that sponsored them to Parliaments (National Assembly, Senate and County Assemblies) saying by next year they will publicly announce their stand since it will be an electioneering year.

While issuing a thankful note for his appointment to lead ANC in Muranga, Mr Wambuku promised to carry out a serious awareness campaign to lure Muranga County to join the party as well as establishing a robust team that will deliver support that will be converted to votes come 2022.

“The country has been led by two tribes since independence, that is Kikuyu and Kalenjin, there are serious cracks in Jubilee and efforts by the President to reach out to Mr Odinga for peace and tranquillity has not bore fruits, Mr Mudavadi is the way for a strong united country and he is the only one who can be entrusted to lead the country in economy recovery from the ruins of Covid-19,” Mr Wambuku said.

He said by December every leader and electorate will be singing Mudavadi’s name in Muranga and Mt Kenya region.

On his part Mr Njuguna said if there was a debt that Mt Kenya needed to settle first was for Mr Mudavadi since he supported Mr Kenyatta in 2002 when he vied for Presidency and rejected to be nominated after failing to clinch the Presidency.

“He supported our son, and as a show of selflessness, he rejected the offer of a nomination slot at the National Assembly. What more can we ask for,” Mr Njuguna said.

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Benson Kariuki
Benson Kariuki
1 year ago

Wambuku cannot deliver anything. He has no development record for the two terms he has been in the national assembly. He also has a habit of hoping from one party to another when elections approach. In 2001 he ditched DP party for KANU and back to DP after reprisals from the electrolates. Now he’s shifting allegiance from jubilee to ANC! Mudavadi I warn you, if this is your representative, you have lost in Murang’a more than before.

Last edited 1 year ago by Benson Kariuki
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